Top 3 Common Problems with Duramax Diesel Injectors


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In 2001, Duramax started producing the 6.6L Duramax. Since that time, they have proved, for the most part, to be a pretty reliable and durable platform. The 6.6 Duramax injectors have also proved to be top-notch and of great quality. Though there have been a number of variations of the Duramax over the years, they have always been based on the same principles and the same foundation.

Each subsequent generation is, for the most part, the same as the previous model but with some modifications and improvements. These modifications and improvements were done in order to keep up with the industry standards and to remain relevant in the industry itself. However, when you consider the 2005 Duramax diesel problems, you can see that, like any engine, the Duramax has some common problems which are inherent to the design. Some of these 2005 Duramax diesel problems can be prevented through the use of modifications while other can be avoided by understanding some of the root causes of the problems. Here are the top 3 problems you might come across.

1.) Air in the fuel lines and/or fuel starvation

One of the things that the Duramax diesel has trouble with from time to time is getting air in the fuel lines and fuel starvation. This can be attributed to the fuel filter housing design and the absence of a lift pump. The high-pressure fuel pump vacuums the fuel from the tank. It is quite common in this situation for a small crack to develop or for air to seep in due to a bad housing o-ring. Once air is introduced to the system, it is very difficult to prime the fuel system. If the fuel is older, it could also cause problems. The life of diesel fuel is right around a year if kept at the correct temperature.

2.) Water pump failure

For Duramax, water pump failures can be somewhat common. Usually around the 80,000 – 100,000-mile range you might see the need for the water pump to be replaced. This seems to be something to do with the design of the water pump itself, not necessarily one of the 2005 Duramax diesel problems, per se.

3.) The problem of overheating

This problem of overheating can be one that hits or misses. You might go the entire length of the life of the engine without ever having the experience of overheating. This is, however, one of the 2005 Duramax diesel problems. Overheating will typically occur in the summer months while towing something of weight. Often, overheating will happen as a result of a fan clutch failure. This prevents the engine fan from providing the airflow necessary to keep the engine cool.

Since Rudolf Diesel patented the diesel engine 125 years ago, it has been a very effective and yet simple piece of machinery with many benefits. Diesel fuel is 25 – 30% more energy rich than gasoline and is preferred by many who travel long distances. It is more economically pleasing to many who have diesel engines in their cars because diesel engines are up to 40% more efficient than their gasoline counterparts.

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