Troubleshooting Golf Cart Repairs


In case there are problems with the golf cart, such as the cart not starting, or it is stalling and stuttering, the video highlights tips on golf cart repair.

What to do if the golf cart does not start:
1. Look around to see if anything seems out of place, especially the wiring.

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2. Check your positive and negative wire connections and ensure they are tightly connected.
3. Check the ground wire. Wiggle it slightly while turning the car on (make sure the key is turned to ‘on’). If the car starts, there is a problem with the ground wire not making a connection with the starter.

Steps to carry out golf cart repair:
a. Unscrew the bolt which is connected to the ground wire.
b. Remove the electrical tape.
c. Take a sharp knife and cut off the covering of the ground wire to expose more wire.
d. Buy a new connector and crimp it to the exposed wires.
e. Reconnect the ground wire and screw the bolt back on.
f. The golf cart should start.
This is quite a common problem with golf carts. In such cases, be sure to check the ground wire.

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