Videos of fast cars

For some people the concept of videos of fast cars does nothing to rile their excitement levels. But to those in the know, those who have a working knowledge of cars and what it is that makes them do what they do, fast cars videos can be even more exciting than watching the Olympics or the Super Bowl.

The thrill behind super fast cars videos can be completely blamed on adrenaline. The idea of seeing something go so fast in fast cars videos is not only astonishing, but can also create such a burning desire to be a part of it, it is inexplicable. And if you do not understand the draw, all that you need to do is watch some fast car video clips for yourself to see the draw.

But you cannot just lump every fast car into one category. At the very least you need to separate your viewing of fast cars video clips into three categories. Read on to explore what they are.

    • Foreign

The fastest foreign car is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, by the Volkswagen company. It clocked out at 267 mp, and goes from zero to 60 in 2.4 seconds! With the standard aluminum, narrow angle eight liter W16 engine with 1200 horsepower output, the base price is only a mere $2.4 million. The Super Sport won the title of Fastest Car in the World on the tenth of July in 2010, in Germany, beating out the SSC Ultimate Aero. If you want a video of a fast car, that is one of the fastest and prettiest around. Sure to convince any disbeliever of how entrancing a fast car video can be.

    • Domestic

Compared to the Bugatti, it feels nearly a snail’s pace, but the fastest American made car, at 205 mph, is the Corvette ZR1. It can reach 60 miles an hour in 3.3 seconds. It has a supercharged V8 engine that puts out 638 horsepower. And the 2011 price was only $110,300. If you want to support American made, you cannot get any better than the Corvette, but if you are looking for that superlative of speed, stick with the Bugatti.

    • Concept

The fastest concept car in the world, believe it or not, is actually over 25 years old. It came out in 1987, and is the Oldsmobile Aerotech I. The legendary racecar driver, AJ Foyt drove the Aerotech on a closed course, and topped it out at 257.123 mph. This record still stands. And one of the coolest parts is that the engine was simply a modified version of the GM 2 Litre Turbo Quad 4, it did not even have a specially created engine. Later iterations of the Aero used a V8, and broke tons of records, but none managed to hit the speed of the original Aerotech.

If anyone doubts how simply awesome videos of fast cars can be, just pull up one of these guys. Give them a few stats and then show them the video, and you will have them convinced. Better than spending time convincing people how amazing videos of fast cars can be, just go watch some right now without them. michael kors tasche michael kors tasche michael kors tasche

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