Want to Diversify Your Services? Offer a Party Bus


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Finding a good used bus may be a fairly standard business practice for churches and transportation companies, but a regular bus may not always be the best option. Of course, most groups are happy renting or reserving a bus, but what about weddings, wine tours, or bachelor and bachelorette parties? If you are looking to diversify the services offered by your organization, then it may be time to seriously consider the next party bus for sale that you find.

A popular option.

There are many groups that could benefit from adding a party bus to their transportation fleet, but three in particular stand out.

  • Event coordinators
  • Entertainment venues
  • Transportation companies

The next time that you someone in your company talks to a couple planning their wedding, imagine being able to up-sell their transportation plan, and offer them a ride that they won’t soon forget? Entertainment venues can add a party bus to their more exclusive packages, and provide customers with a more unique and memorable experience.

A safe option.

When you look at buses for sale, and specifically for a party bus for sale, safety should be a primary concern. Also, imagine offering your customers peace of mind around their transportation needs, guaranteeing that everyone can arrive at the same place, at the same time, and in style. For the more boisterous parties, offering that “designated driver” is another way to keep your customers safe.

A profitable option.

Did you know that the average party bus prices range from $90-$130 per hour? If you find a good bus sales group that offers you an affordable party bus for sale, then you can be sure to quickly turn a profit. Especially with the popularity of party buses for big events, and year-round marketing options, adding a party bus to your fleet might offer your company a big boost in business.

Not every organization will benefit from having a party bus, so you should carefully consider whether your have the customer base (or could find one) that desires that kind of transportation. Some party buses can be outfitted with smoke machines and laser lights, or be modified to stay on the classier side. The choice is yours, depending on your business model and client needs. For a safe, profitable, and popular option, a party bus could be an ideal addition to your services.

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