Watching and Wishing


Videos of fast cars

The Internet has brought us a great many things, but among its finest contributions to humanity as a whole could quite easily be the availability, variety, and sheer quantity of fast car video clips. Seriously. Way better than eBooks and PayPal.

Where else but the almighty Interwebz can we see the latest and greatest stunts, literally minutes after they happen? The record breakers, the thrill seekers, the underground sensations… All of it is right there, sitting online, neatly packaged and waiting for viewers, thanks to smartphone cameras and affordable digital recorders. Just think about that. You can literally see history in the making, sometimes AS someone is making it.

Personally, the thing that does it for me is the inspiration of it all. Watching super fast cars videos of guys cracking 250 on some private track or ramping over god only knows how many trucks in a line, that gets me revved to get out there and DRIVE, man. So what if I have to keep it under 55? I just need to get behind the wheel and GO.

And I admit it. Just like a sizable percentage of folks out there, I watch fast car video clips for the crashes. You have to. There is something within every single one of us that just has to see what happens when the street turns bad, when the reflexes fail, when the roof meets the road and the wheels touch sky. You just got to know what happens, what COULD happen. You have to know what is really at stake.

You never root for an injury. No one who watches or videos fast cars ever does. Anyone who slips a bad one online is bound to hear it from the community. We protect our own. Those cats are the ones putting it on the line, laying it out so we can feel that rush, even just a little. They deserve our respect. All the folks who video fast cars and their drivers know what is at stake every time they buckle in, and what they mean to the people at home, waiting, watching, wishing.


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