What Does Climate Change Mean For Your Business?


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We’ve all read the headlines. Regardless of how you feel about the political conversation surrounding climate change, one thing is for certain: global weather has become more extreme as of late. Record high and low temperatures have been set every year in recent years, and seasons have been erratic. Snow and ice, which were previously only found in the winter months, have been occurring more and more in months where they were previously unheard of. In a recent National Snow Analysis published by the NOAA, over 60% of the United States had snow on the ground during March 2015. What do these changes in weather mean for you? If you work in road maintenance, snow removal, or landscaping, it means you better upgrade your snow pushers before you find yourself snowed in and out of work.

Why Not Plow?

While most people think of snow plows when they think about snow maintenance, these plows are often not the best tool for the job. Snow plows only move snow outward to the sides of roads away from plows. While these might be good for wide, well-paved roads with no cars parked alongside, snow plows are not well-suited for wide-open areas such as parking lots or airport runways. Thus, there is a need for containment plows, otherwise known as a snow pusher (or sno pusher).

Snow Pushers

Snow pushers are a specialized type of containment plow that allows users to push snow cleanly and efficiently into any desired area as opposed to simply pushing snow to the sides of the vehicle. These can be fitted to most commercial vehicles such as skid steers. Using a snow pusher for skid steer takes advantage of the clearance under obstacles that skid steers provide, enabling you to remove snow from almost any location. A snow pusher for skid steer can even remove other types of debris such as mud, water, construction rubbish, or farm debris. No matter the debris, snow pushers have you covered.

Don’t Get Snowed In

If you already own a skid steer, investing in a snow pusher is a no-brainer. The odd weather of recent years shows no sign of stopping. New York City alone spent over $130 million dollars in snow removal in 2014. Want a slice of that pie? Invest in a snow pusher for skid steer today, and start taking advantage of those snow days.

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