What’s The Difference Between Stage 1 and Stage 2 When Tuning A Car?


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Who doesn’t want to be a car guru?

This isn’t even going into being a car enthusiast or future race driver (though those are perfectly valid pursuits on their own). No, this is closer to just getting the most out of your vehicle for as long as you’re together. This means finding the right used trucks to pad out your garage for those cross-country trips with the family. This means knowing how to get the most out of your tuning ventures as you’re considering stage 1 vs stage 2. At the end of the day, more knowledge can only help.

From buying used Ford trucks to brushing up on your know-how, you’ll be sure to get something useful out of the list below!

Some car brands have enjoyed more longevity than others. Ford trucks have seen steady popularity over the years for their wide selection, consistent quality and a brand that puts you first. As of earlier this year the Ford F-series has been the country’s best selling truck for 40 years since its launch back in the 1970’s. How’s that for a reputation? A lot of good reasons go into buying used trucks, though perhaps the most common is a lust for travel. If you and your family fit the bill, you’re in luck!

More families than ever are planning their next great vacation to work off some of the stress of the year. According to a AAA study, nearly 70% of families planning on traveling next year want to do a roadtrip. What’s not to love? You get to enjoy the sights, cruise along the open road and visit all sorts of fun gift shops and restaurants on the way to your destination. Just the year prior light truck sales increased over 7%, with a 60% total of vehicle sales in the country going to light trucks alone.

Now for the biggest question…used or new? You certainly won’t be led astray if you go for the former. The average vehicle on the open road will have three or more owners in its lifetime, making used cars easily the most common choice by a landslide. When you combine dealership sales and private-party transactions it’s estimated 40 million used cars will exchange hands every single year. Used cars for sale are often favored by many for their more affordable price and consistent quality. A dealership wouldn’t put a car up for sale unless they were confident it would meet your expectations, after all!

Should you decided to get a car that’s five years old or younger, try getting one that’s certified pre-owned. The most common reason to go with a CPO is to put you in the best possible financial spot to keep your car in the long-term. You’ll get all sorts of fancy goodies, such as a limited warranty and potential dealership exclusive additions that can sway your hand. Back in 2015 manufacturer certified pre-owned vehicle sales hit nearly three million, a pretty solid number when you take into account just how massive the industry is! The last useful tidbit you’ll want to store away is, of course, general maintenance.

Knowing the difference between stage 1 vs stage 2 will save you a lot of teeth-gnashing as you keep your car in working order. All cars need to go through various stages of tuning to make sure they’re where they need to be, but which one can baffle even the most hardened of car owners. Just like it says on the tin, stage 1 vs stage 2 involves different degrees of severity. The first stage is simpler and involves checking out performance, while the second stage might require some modifications on tuning or transmission.

Think you can grab your auto dealership by the horns? Keep your new knowledge on stage 1 vs stage 2 or certified pre-owned warranties on hand and your next purchase will no doubt be a successful one!

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