Why Dealerships Provide Excellent Dodge Service


It’s one of the inevitable facts of life that when you have a big trip planned or an important event coming up, you’re going to experience engine trouble. When you need the best Dodge service available for your vehicle, do you know where you need to go?

Turn to Dealerships for Dodge Service

You probably don’t think about visiting a Dodge dealer until you’re shopping for a new car. But dealerships are actually one of your best options when you need any type of repair work done, not just for when you want to go shopping for a used car or a brand-new vehicle. In 2017 alone, dealerships across the United States wrote over 316 million repair orders.

Whether it’s a used car or a new car dealer, many dealerships provide service on vehicles of all types. Auto dealers that sell Dodge vehicles will often provide service on multiple models, including Jeep, Chrysler, and Ram vehicles. Dealerships have resources and access to parts dealers, and they keep trained mechanics on staff to perform repairs of all types. The total cost of service and parts sales at U.S. dealerships was more than $114 billion in 2017 alone.

Dodge trucks and other light trucks are some of the most popular purchases at auto dealers in the U.S. In 2016, light truck sales made up about 65 percent of the 17.1 million total vehicles sold in the U.S. that year. In 2017, light truck sales reached about 11.1 million units. Total new vehicle sales surpassed $1 trillion in 2017. With that much merchandise to move and maintain, smart new and used car dealers know exactly how to provide excellent Dodge service to keep vehicles in good working order and service past customers.

Finding Good Auto Dealers

Like good mechanics, good auto dealers aren’t always easy to find. When searching for a dealership to provide Dodge service or any type of service, whether you want to fix an existing vehicle or shop for a new car, search online for reviews. Actual customers who have visited the dealerships and provided feedback are a great source of information, and they’ll help you find the Dodge dealer and service professionals who provide truly excellent Dodge service and service for any vehicle.

Through dealership sales and private party sales, almost 40 million used cars are bought and sold every single year. Everyone needs a set of wheels, and everyone needs a vehicle that works the way it’s supposed to. Turn to dealerships for Dodge service when you need to buy, when you need repairs, and for whatever else you need when it comes to your vehicle.

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