Why Is The Shelby Cobra Car Kit The Most Popular Choice For Car Enthusiasts?


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How much of a car enthusiast are you? Think you know all there is to know about what makes the ideal muscle car? You may want to think again. When it comes to road and track capabilities, authentic replication and a good, old-fashioned look, you can’t go wrong with Cobra kits. Designed after the iconic Carroll Shelby model designed in the mid 1950’s, these are created with the ultimate enthusiast in mind. If you’re looking to upgrade parts or think your performance driving could use a touch-up, consider the reasons below before investing in an AC cobra kit for road and track.

History Of The Cobra Kit

Road and track has a lot to thank the Cobra kit for. Carroll Shelby originally designed the first AC Cobras to be ‘Corvette-Beaters’, even though they weighed a stunning 500 pounds less than the Chevrolet Corvette at the time. Never let it be said small ideas don’t turn out impressive packages! Manufacturers first advertised the horsepower of the Shelby Mustang GT 500 as 335, which was a rather low estimate for insurance companies in light of its true 400 horsepower.

Development Of The Cobra Kit

How has the Cobra kit changed over the years? Well, Carroll Shelby first built 654 small-block Cobras as well as 350 big-block versions from 1962 all the way to 1968. These would be game changers, inviting both casual onlookers and devoted enthusiasts to see how lighter models could compete with the heavyweights of the time. There were only ever 538 1964 Mark II models built, with any left on the market drawing in big bucks for huge fans. Road and truck, display purposes and general driving are but a few of the things that can be accomplished with a good replica.

Function Of The Cobra Kit

What makes the Shelby models so popular, anyway? Well, the AC Cobra Coupe reached a legendary 186 miles per hour on a British motorway back in 1964, showing off exactly what it could do at a time where such speed for such a lightweight model was considered impossible. The first 75 Cobra Mark 1 (as well as the prototype) was fitted with the 260 cu in, a V8 Ford Windsor engine that still sees fans today. Road and track would just not be the same without the Shelby Cobra kit car.

Transforming Your Vehicle

Cobra kit car manufacturers go a long way to make sure they replicate the Carroll Shelby’s historical work. Authentic replication should be included in every inch of the kit, making it easier than ever to create a custom roadster that respects history. Ratings by the SFI Foundation (a non-profit organization that sets standards for racing equipment) help you regulate your driving gear. These ratings range from 302A/1 (three seconds of protection) to 3-2A/20 (up to 40 seconds of protection). Consider this whether you’re on a short track or super speedway. Cobra kit is the way to go!

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