Why Non Commissioned Sales People Make a Huge Difference


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Purchasing a vehicle should never be a stressful time for a buyer. However, certain dealerships will have their salespeople on commission. In certain situations, commissioned staff can hurt the overall buying experience for both worker and customer. In many cases, commissioned sales staff may feel pressure to sell higher priced items. You don’t have to worry about pressure when working with non commissioned car sales people. In this post, you will learn why buying from a non commissioned car dealer makes a difference.

  • No Pressure to Purchase ASAP: It is common for potential buyers to be scared away by aggressive salespeople. A commissioned sales staff puts unnecessary pressure on both customers in employees. Salespeople whose financial future depends on selling could be trying to sell the most expensive vehicle. Dealing with high pressure sales people will likely have you wasting time until you find the right dealership. Working with non commissioned sales staff always provides a less pressure filled environment for the buyer.
  • Not Having Unnecessary Additions: Certain dealerships will sometimes place an emphasis on their own protection plans. In addition, vehicles will also have different add on packages. In a commissioned sales environment, plans and add ons will commonly be pressured for you to have. In turn, this creates a buyer that isn’t entirely satisfied with their vehicle purchasing experience. Non commissioned car sales people have no incentive to add on extra features that you do not need.
  • Caring and Attentive Salespeople: A car dealership with non commissioned car sales people are attentive to your needs. Every car buyer wants to feel that their needs are being met. Having sales staff whose payments do not depend on sales are better suited to help you find what you need. Those concerned with gas mileage may prefer a vehicle like the Prius Eco. Research shows that the Prius Eco will get 58 miles per gallon while in the city.
  • Finding the Perfect Vehicle is Easier: Commissioned sales people often create a stressful environment. A buyer may feel so uneasy that they go with a car just to get the whole thing over with. Non commissioned sales people want you to be happy with your vehicle. Therefore, these staff members will find out what works best for you, not what earns the biggest commission.
  • Many used vehicle buyers prefer the security that comes with a certified pre owned vehicle. Research shows that 2.6 million pre owned vehicles were sold in 2016. Having a certified automobile means that the car has been previously inspected and ensured to work well. You might find these certifications make the vehicle slightly more costly. However, having this kind of vehicle protects you from repairs for a certain period of time. One study found that the average vehicle has three separate owners during its lifespan.

    In summary, there are many benefits to visiting a lot with non commissioned sales people. The main benefit is not feeling pressured into a purchase. In many cases, buyers that feel too pressured will leave to find non commissioned sales people. Without having to worry about commissioned staff, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary add ons. However, you should receive a more caring and personalized sales approach from non commissioned staff. Having someone in your corner who cares will make finding the perfect vehicle a much better experience.

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