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Buying a new vehicle can be an extremely overwhelming task. Not only are you purchasing a large investment, but you also have to choose something that you will drive for years to come. This car buying guide will help you choose the right vehicle for your driving needs.

Consider Your Budget before Shopping

You should always consider your buying budget before shopping. It is easy to get caught up in the newest models and features that you might not even need. Before you even look at available vehicles in the market, sit down and figure out what you can comfortably afford. You will want to take both full price and monthly payment into account. If you are on a tight budget, you might consider purchasing a newer used car.

Get a Pre Approval

A pre approval will inform you just how much you can borrow. Approximately 43% of people are financing their vehicle. Financing is a great way to afford a newer vehicle in smaller, monthly payments. However, most auto loans do require that you put down a significant down payment. Make sure you have a large enough down payment to meet requirements and to reduce your monthly payments to an amount that you are comfortable with. A pre approval will also help you with the shopping process.

Use the Dealership as a Form of Education

The internet can be useful in learning about new vehicles and their features. But, visiting a dealership can give you even more detailed information, as well as give you the opportunity to view the new vehicle in person. About 43% of consumers see the dealership as a place to learn. If you are leaning toward a specific manufacturer, make sure you visit a car dealership that specializes in that type of new vehicle. For example, if you are looking at Ford lines, you will want to visit a local Ford dealer. Ford dealerships can also offer you Ford exclusive discounts.

Test Drive All Potential New Vehicles

Never purchase a new or used vehicle without first test driving it. A test drive is a true indication of whether or not a vehicle fits you and your driving needs. You might enjoy how one new vehicle looks on the exterior, but find the interior to be uncomfortable. Since you will have to drive in this new vehicle for many years to come, comfort is very important. You will also want to choose a new vehicle that has the technological features that you need the most. If you need the ability to tow, you will need something with an available tow package.

Skip the Features You Do No Need

It can be tempting to go with the fully loaded option. But, if you never use any of the added features, it is a waste of money. You will also have to consider the resale value of these added features. Do you really need an interior that allows you to customize the LED lighting? The average vehicle will have three owners in its lifetime. It could be very difficult to find a buyer later on that values the LED lighting customization as much as you do, meaning you end up losing money on this added feature. The same goes for music streaming upgrades and drop down TV screens.

Go Over the Contract

Too many car buyers simply sign the contract in excitement. Going over the contract is especially important if there were any negotiations during the buying. Make sure the pricing reflects these changes. If the vehicle is supposed to be under a used car warranty, make sure the contract also shows this. The verbal wording is not as important as what the contract states.

Buying a new car involves a lot of decision making. This guide will help you choose a vehicle that is within your price range and has all of the added features that are most important to you.

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