A Guide to Buying a Paint Touch Up Kit


Every single year, there are paint scratches that happen to people’s cars. Some of these scratches take place due to a natural occurrence like severe weather. However, in other situations, there may be a scratch that comes from some type of auto collision. There are even scratches from people keying up cars, just like the in the movies. Therefore, a paint touch up kit has some serious value across the country.

A Direct Line Survey was recently conducted to discuss all of the car damage across the country. According to this survey, over half of all car damage came from keying or scratched paint. This is a serious problem no matter how serious the scratch is or is not. Therefore, anyone dealing with a minor scratch can find the right paint touch up kit, touch up paint kit, and touch up paint options on the market. There are even some auto shops that provide vehicle touch up paint.

According to color marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart, white has been the number one car color of choice in North America since 2006. As a result, white paint touch up kit options are going to the priciest. Take time to really understand all of the paint options that come along with a car. that way, you can evaluate the prices of paint kits and more.

Across the country, estimates show the value of the auto body industry is right around $40 million. So there are legit businesses that make a good profit helping people use a paint touch up kit to clean up scratches and more. These little scratches can happen at any given moment and thus, customers should be able to access some type of helpful paint touch up kit option.

There are four neutral colors according to the automotive industry. These four colors include white, black, gray, and silver as well. Natural colors are by far the most popular color for all kinds of cars. Anyone that is skeptical should take note of the cars they see out on the open road. There are so many white or black cars out on the open road!

Deep paint scratch repair can cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000 depending on the extent of damage done. Now, obviously, a more severe type of scratch requires professional work. If you have deep scratches, then you need to get a professional to do work with a paint touch up kit. After all, these scratches cannot just be painted over once. They require buffing and then some serious paint application as well.

Car paint scratches are classified under several levels. These levels are labeled as 1A, 1B, 2, 3, and 4. Level 1A is the least severe and level 4 is the most severe. Drivers should evaluate their situation alongside a professional to get a proper rating. Then, customers can decide if they want to get a professional to work on their paint touch up kit job and more. After all, saving money on a paint job is not worthy of the money if the job is going to be good!

Home and vehicle insurance claims linked to hail and wind storms accounted for 40% of all losses over the last five years. It is unfair for anyone to deal with these types of scratches on their own. Natural storms can do damage out of nowhere and you are obviously not at fault if it scratches up and damages your vehicle. Look to the help of an insurance company to properly cover yourself and the paint touch up kit cost.

Clear coats on cars are typically 1.5 to 2 ml thick and help protect paint integrity. If you did not know this, then it is time to get help from the professionals. That way, customers can relax while the paint job looks great and is solid for their everyday life.

In Conclusion

Anyone that is dealing with a big scratch on their car needs to seek out help from a professional body shop. Deep scratches are not simple to just paint over. Instead, this takes serious work and a serious attention to detail!

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