Renting the Right Limousine


Limousines have, in recent decades, stood as luxury items and modes of transportation alike, combining a comfortable interior, large carrying capacity, and amenities such as ice buckets of wine and music along with the limousine being a road-capable vehicle. It can essentially be a party on wheels, and limousine rental can be about the luxury and transportation alike, although the ratio of those two things is up to the renter. Some occasions traditionally call for limousine rental, and party buses and van rental can also be done for similar occasions based on the renter’s preference and price range. How can one find the best limousine rental deal for the day?

Limo Services and the Industry

The limousine rental industry is not necessarily a huge one, and is hardly ever a vital service, but it is popular and well known regardless. It is estimated that about 50% of limousine rental services done during the week are for corporate and business partners, especially considering how chartered travel is important for business professionals, whether by train, plane, or limousine. Over 130,000 limos are in service today in the United States, and most of them belong to small companies; about 60% of limousine rental companies have five vehicles or fewer in their fleets.

Being well known luxury items, some limos have been taken to astounding new heights for status. Jay Ohrberg, for example, in 1997 built a 100 foot long limousine that had 26 wheels total and amenities that included a helipad, a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, and king-size bed. And the Sultan of Brunei owns the most expensive limousine in the world, one plated in 24 karat gold. The vehicle is worth $14 million. The world’s heaviest limousine, meanwhile, is the Midnight Rider, is a 25 ton, 70 foot long limo that is effectively a whole night club on wheels. It has a total of 460 feet of square feet inside.

Limousine Rental

Renting a limousine can be expensive, but with the right know how, renting such a vehicle can be affordable, convenient, and most of all, fun. According to Money talks News, limo rental takes some basic expertise for the renter. For one thing, renters should be aware that weekends will often be busy times for limo rental, given how the events that limos drive people to often happen during that time, such as concerts, award ceremonies, and weddings. A client renting a limo on a weekday may enjoy considerable discounts, though this may vary from one limo rental company to another, and is not an absolute rule. There are also some effective ways to save money and get a good deal with limo rental. A renter should know that limo rental charges per vehicle and not by passenger count, so a party of six can rent a six-seat limo for the same price as one person renting that limo. However, the rental fee is not the only expenditure; the renters are charged for gasoline and parking, not to mention amenities such as ice buckets of wine. Further road trips will cost more than short trips, since the limo charges for gas, so it functions somewhat like a taxi. Renters should get all details about fees and expenses right away so they are not surprised later on.

Playing it safe is another good route. Any reputable limo rental service will have no objections to potential clients wanting to inspect the vehicle in person ahead of time or even asking questions about the vehicle’s performance or the driver’s credentials and work history. And sometimes, limos may have unsavory messes left over from the previous renters, so clients may want to check for that, too. Finally, speaking generally, a limo company should not charge more than 50% deposit ahead of time. Any company that does may be trouble.

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