One Century for the Explosion of the American Tractor Market


One thing that most of us need today is a tractor. It’s a true fact that with the percentage of families that own homes with lawns for the kids to play in, the grass is the thing that needs the most care. Admittedly, lawnmowing is not always a chore that anyone enjoys, but it is required to keep the home looking cared for and up to date.

Beginning of the American Tractor Market

Luckily, tractors entered the market around the beginning of the 20th century and have been improving ever since. While those first tractors weighed roughly 40 to 60 tons, running on steam engines, they were a great asset to the American farmer. This became a booming market during the first two decades, starting with over 150 manufacturers as of about 1910. By 1916 sales had reached roughly 20,000 and then climbed to over a million by 1935. The need for the tractor was definitely well-understood.

Is the Tractor that Item that Everyone Needs?

With over three million American farms run by individuals or families, maintaining the most efficient and powerful tractors are a great need. As an addition to the tractor market, there are the 85 million homes in the U.S. that need to manage their private lawns on a regular basis. Most Americans spend roughly four hours per week taking care of their lawns. Today there are tractor packages available from every manufacturer, that are of definite help to farmers as, in addition to the tractor, they include items such as the loader bucket, land pride box blade, and rotary cutter. While these will be of different sizes in each tractor package deal that you find, there are so many manufacturers and models out there that the right deal is likely not too far away.

And the Tractor Market Continues to Grow: Along with the Lawn Care Industry

While there are different makes and models of tractors, it makes for a huge product market and a vast audience. Essentially, almost everyone needs a tractor of some sort. The only people who wouldn’t are those who live in locations like apartments and condos, but then the people who manage lawn care for those facilities would need tractors. Therefore, beyond the main customers of homeowner and farmer, U.S. Lawn Care industry as of 2016 reached at least $77 billion annually.

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