All You Need to Know About an Electric Fuel Pump


The fuel pump is one of those parts that your motorcycle or ATV cannot do without. In terms of transportation and convenience, motorcycles have it all. However, the excitement comes to a sudden end when the fuel pump becomes faulty. Here are ways to detect problems on your motorcycle fuel system, common issues, as well as how to fix them.

Common Electrical Fuel Problems

Electrical Problems

As the name suggests, an electric fuel pump has many electrical components. Therefore, the parts come with several connections, hence increasing the risk of electrical circuit malfunction.

Mechanical Problems

A motorcycle electric fuel pump still has some mechanical components, such as the moving parts. Every part that is in motion is susceptible to wear and tear. With time, certain parts loosen up, hindering the proper functionality of the fuel system.

Clogged Strainer

On the intake of any fuel pump, there is a fuel filter. Rust, as well as the dirt inside the tank, can settle on the filter, hence clogging it. When jammed, the fuel filter cannot flawlessly convey fuel to the fuel pump.

Signs of a Faulty Fuel System

  • Difficulties while starting the motorcycle. In worse cases, the bike does not start at all.
  • A strange whirring noise.
  • If your motorcycle surges forward without you accelerating it, that could be an indication of a faulty fuel pump.
  • A faulty fuel pump decreases your motorcycle’s overall power, especially when the motorcycle is under pressure.

How to Start a Motorcycle with a Faulty Fuel Pump

Although running a motorcycle with a faulty electric fuel pump is not right, sometimes you are necessitated to. For instance, it can stall midway, and you have to get it t the nearest automobile store.

1. Fuel Pressure Gauge

This is the most reliable method, used even by professional mechanics. Better still, it is simple. All you need to do is attach the fuel pressure gauge to the engine. The motorcycle will start, regardless of a faulty fuel pump.

2. External Pressure

A bad fuel pump means your motorcycle cannot generate enough pressure to operate it. Therefore, you need to exert some external force to help start your engine.

How to Replace a Faulty Fuel Pump

Ideally, an electrical fuel system cannot last the entire life of the motorcycle. Therefore, at some point, you have to replace your fuel system. Here are the steps.

1. Preparation

Before you start any work, ensure you assemble your tools of work. Some of the tools you need include a fire extinguisher, your replacement fuel pump, a socket set, and a large fuel catch container.

2. Observe Safety

Any time you are working on any project, you should put your safety on the frontline. Therefore, while replacing a motorcycle electric fuel pump, ensure you are working from an open space with proper ventilation. Your fire extinguisher should be within reach just in case of anything.

3. Check Fuel Pressure

An electric fuel pump is highly pressurized. Ensure that before replacement, you relieve fuel pump pressure. To do that, turn the engine off, then identify the location of the fuse, and pull it out.

<3>4. Disconnect the Negative Terminal

Before embarking on the replacement mission, disconnect the negative terminal from the engine’s battery. If you don’t do this, you might notice some sparks which can put your safety on the line.

5. Remove the Fuel Pump

After the negative terminal has been disconnected, you can now safely remove the old fuel pump. Usually, the pump is located inside the fuel tank. Once you find it, unfasten it and slowly pull it out. Ensure that every component of the fuel pump has been disconnected before pulling it out.

6. The Actual Replacement

After you have removed the old fuel pump, you can now fit in the new one. To fit it in, observe the following steps.

  • Ensure all the fuel lines are disconnected.
  • Block the fuel lines to prevent gas from leaking. You might need help from another person on this step.
  • Fit in the replacement fuel pump and connect all fuel lines back to place.
  • Carefully fasten down your motorcycle electric fuel pump.
  • Start the engine to test whether everything has been done to perfection.
  • Check for any leaks to avoid future problems.

Ensure you conduct a diagnostic check on your motorcycle electric fuel pump to avoid unexpected issues.

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