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    Do You Need To Swap Out Your Tires? Here’s Why You Should Get Your Winter Tire Sales In Now

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    With winter around the corner, you’re likely strapped for time preparing your home for the onslaught. You’ve got energy bills to audit, firewood to pile up…it’s neverending work for a seemingly neverending snowfall.

    How is your car faring, though? The only thing that needs more work than your driveway are your tires, especially if you haven’t swapped them out in a while. American roads are dangerous enough as it is without adding lackluster tires to the mix! Before tire sales get more expensive, consider swinging by your local tire shop and asking for some quotes. You’ll be surprised by how much money — and time — you’ll save by getting your winter tires early.

    Off-road tire sales or mud-terrain tires? Is it worth getting a spare? Let’s take a look at what goes into preparing your vehicle for the winter.

    Analyze Your Lifestyle To See Which Tire Type Is Most Accurate

    What works for one person may not be great for the next. That’s becaus

    All You Need to Know About an Electric Fuel Pump

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    The fuel pump is one of those parts that your motorcycle or ATV cannot do without. In terms of transportation and convenience, motorcycles have it all. However, the excitement comes to a sudden end when the fuel pump becomes faulty. Here are ways to detect problems on your motorcycle fuel system, common issues, as well as how to fix them.

    Common Electrical Fuel Problems

    Electrical Problems

    As the name suggests, an electric fuel pump has many electrical components. Therefore, the parts come with several connections, hence increasing the risk of electrical circuit malfunction.

    Mechanical Problems

    A motorcycle electric fuel pump still has some mechanical components, such as the moving parts. Every part that is in motion is susceptible to wear and tear. With time, certain parts loosen up, hindering the proper functionality of the fuel system.

    Clogged Strainer

    On the intake of any fuel pump, there is a fuel filter. Rust, as well a