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    Signs You Need New Tires

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    Your tires are where are vehicle meets the road. Regular tire inspection and maintenance is often overlooked. However, it is important that you are aware of the signs of needing new tires so that you can avoid any potential issues. While a professional auto repair shop will be able to provide you with new tires, tires that suddenly fail can prove to have serious consequences. Becoming familiar with signs to look for will help you when driving and visually inspecting your car.

    Worn Tread

    Tread is a very important aspect of your car’s tires. They help to provide traction and grip on the road. Tread that is too far worn down will require that you visit an auto repair shop to repair your car and give you a fresh set of new tires. A quick test to see if your tread is too worn down is called the quarter test. Take a quarter and flip George Washington’s head upside down and stick between the tread. If you can see the top of his head, the tread is too low and could cause p

    5 Must-Know Details for Mineral Oils Users

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    Mineral oils are vital for the success of many industrial applications. The versatility associated with mineral oil makes it the most sought out product for many industries. The U.S. is the prominent producer and consumer of oil and represents an 18% share. Before purchasing the oil, users and mineral oil suppliers must discuss with the manufacturers to select an oil that best suits the industry’s requirements. Different companies use mineral oil for various purposes. Therefore, it is vital to understand why you need the oil and what specifications you want. Here is an overview of some of the industries that use mineral oils in their processes.

    1. The Rubber Industry

    The main compound that is essential for the manufacture of rubber is elastomer. The compound cannot be processed without the aid of mineral oils. Platisizers too need the compound for production. The type of oil that is required to manufacture different rubber products varies. If your company focuses on