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    Winter Is Just Around The Corner Tips For Getting Good Tire Sales In Before The Snow Hits

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    Your car’s tires are their best line of defense against slippery roads. Are you prepared to face the winter season?

    If you still haven’t installed your winter tires, listen up. Tire sales are going strong in the fall season, all with the express purpose of getting drivers prepped for colder weather. These include off-road tires for impromptu camping trips and spare tires for the garage. Your local tire shop will have everything you need to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You can even ask for some tips on tire rotation and tire alignment checks.

    It’s all about staying prepared. Face the snowy season head-on by checking out these practical tire sales tips.

    Define The Type Of Tires You’ll Need

    Not everyone needs the same set of tires to get through the week. Whether you’re someone on the active side or a working professional who only uses the car for work, this is a detail you’ll need to pay attention to. The four types

    Hail Damage Costs The Country Over $20 Billion In Damages Every Year Auto Dent Repair For Your Car

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    The winter season is coming up. While heavy snowfall has yet to hit, it doesn’t hurt to get your auto dent repair resources in order.

    Waking up and finding your car is covered in dents is incredibly frustrating. The only thing worse is seeing your windows have been cracked. Not only are these unsightly, they can become dangerous if left unattended. Take a look at your local resources and find the nearest paintless ding repair shop near you. A professional can easily reverse the aftermath of a hail storm without the trial-and-error of a DUI method.

    How bad are hail storms in the United States? When should a driver seek out an auto dent repair shop? Five of the most commonly asked questions on dents and cracks are answered below.

    How Many Hail Storms Occur In The United States?

    The United States is no stranger to extreme weather. The year 2017 alone saw over 6,000 major hail storms, thanks to data from the NOAA’s Severe Storms databas