Hail Damage Costs The Country Over $20 Billion In Damages Every Year Auto Dent Repair For Your Car


The winter season is coming up. While heavy snowfall has yet to hit, it doesn’t hurt to get your auto dent repair resources in order.

Waking up and finding your car is covered in dents is incredibly frustrating. The only thing worse is seeing your windows have been cracked. Not only are these unsightly, they can become dangerous if left unattended. Take a look at your local resources and find the nearest paintless ding repair shop near you. A professional can easily reverse the aftermath of a hail storm without the trial-and-error of a DUI method.

How bad are hail storms in the United States? When should a driver seek out an auto dent repair shop? Five of the most commonly asked questions on dents and cracks are answered below.

How Many Hail Storms Occur In The United States?

The United States is no stranger to extreme weather. The year 2017 alone saw over 6,000 major hail storms, thanks to data from the NOAA’s Severe Storms database. This resulted in a collective $2 billion in both property and crop damage. The past five years has also seen claims related to wind and hail damage accounting for 40% of all insured losses. Now is the perfect time to get your car insurance plan in order so you’re not left with a nasty surprise come Christmas.

Do Car Insurance Plans Cover Hail Damage?

A common question around fall is just how far car insurance goes in a pinch. Take a few minutes this week to reach out to your car insurance agent and ask them about hail coverage. Damage caused by wind and hail, according to recent studies, cost State Farm and its policyholders more than $2 billion back in 2014. It’s estimated more than 10 million American properties will be affected by hail storms, as well. Reviewing your insurance policy — and potentially adding on new coverage — will be a detail you’ll thank yourself for later.

Can Hail Damage Be Dangerous?

Not only is hail damage frustrating, it’s potentially hazardous. The bigger hail is, the harder it falls: a dime-sized hailstone will fall at an average of 20 miles per hour. A baseball-sized one of three inches in diameter, however, can reach between 80 miles per hour to over 110. This will not just cover your hood in dents, but can crack your windows and windshield. Even a small crack can spread over time, affecting your ability to see the road.

Will I Be Able To Reverse A Dent Myself?

Very small dents can be removed on your own. Even then, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to auto dent repair to ensure it’s done right the first time. Paintless dent repair goes beyond the surface to completely reverse the damage done. You can also complete several services at once, such as replacing a cracked windshield or repairing a fracture in the window. When in doubt, car ding removal will have you covered just in time for the holiday season.

When Should I See An Auto Dent Repair Specialist?

If you’ve been the recent victim of a hail storm, reaching out to auto dent repair is your next order of business. There you can ask them to patch up your car, avoiding the common pitfalls made by many DUI methods. Even if you haven’t seen your car damaged, talking to them about insurance coverage is a wise idea. Hail now costs the United States $22 billion in damages to homes, cars, and crops. A comfortable winter season starts with preparation.

Don’t leave your car to chance. Talk to your insurance company about their auto dent repair coverage, then visit Carrollton Auto for a check-up.

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