Are SUVs Dangerous to Others?


SUV’s are a popular vehicle for many reasons. They are rugged and can be used for off-roading and sometimes even towing. They also have tremendous safety ratings. If you get in a crash driving an SUV, you will likely be alright. You may only need auto repair services for your vehicle. However, is the other vehicle just as alright as you? SUV’s may be safe for you, but they actually increase the likelihood of injuring the other motorist.

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This is because they are big and bulky. There is not much give to them. In this video, you will learn why this is one of the many reasons why vehicular safety ratings should be updated.

Another reason why safety ratings don’t give the whole picture is your vehicles history. Some vehicles may be more prone to safety issues if they have had major parts repaired in the past. For example, if a vehicle was in a crash and had to have parts of the frame replaced, is it really as safe as the safety rating says it is? This is why it is important to inspect any vehicle you buy. You will want to know its accident history and any major repairs that it has had. This inspection could keep you from buying a potentially dangerous vehicle.


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