The 101 Basics of Tire Services


A flat tire may spoil much more than your day. Tire problems can cost you money, and effort, and even cause your vehicle to be damaged. When your tire is about to explode, you may not see it. Although there isn’t much you can do if a tire punctures unexpectedly, most tire problems may be avoided with easy monitoring and maintenance.

Your tire PSI changes depending on the type of tire you have and how you drive.

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You can find a recommended PSI for your stock tires in your owner’s handbook or contact the manufacturer of your present tire.

This is why tire services are very important. Issues with your tires are promptly addressed and solved.

Tire inflation is important for preventing uneven tread wear. The tread on your tires will wear down over time. This is a good sign that your tires need to be replaced.

Another cause could be that your sidewalls have been damaged. Poor alignment, low tire pressure, or even irresponsible driving behaviors can all contribute to this. If any of the aforementioned symptoms appear on your tires, have them repaired or replaced right away. Blowouts are most commonly caused by thin sidewalls and fissures.

Learn more about the basics of what’s done in tire services in this video.

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