Best Ways to Maintain Semi Trucks


For all semi-truck drivers, this commercial vehicle represents a sense of freedom, passion for the road and a source of livelihood. No matter how long your truck has been on the road, always make sure that your rig is in its best condition for it to give you the best services. The thing about long distance semi trucks is that breakdowns are very common. However, these should be expected considering the nature of travel and load that these vehicles carry. Fortunately, there are ways that you can avoid unnecessary breakdowns while one the road-maintenance. Maintenance can range from simply checking whether the semi truck lights are working to more complex procedures that might require some professional assistance from a qualified mechanic. Below are some basic maintenance tips for semi trucks.

Change Your Oil Regularly
Almost every qualified driver knows how important oil changes are but you would be surprised at the number of drivers who wait until there is a problem before acting. When we talk about truck maintenance, there are those who attribute the concept with replacing damaged parts such as semi truck lights, big truck side mirrors and other big truck accessories. This is however not the case. Whereas it is always important to ensure that you have reliable truck parts, it is the simple procedures that make the most difference in truck maintenance. Truckers are among drivers who understand the importance of changing the oil as it can affect so many things including the functionality of the steering wheel. However, it is commonplace that you might forget to check your oil including during the pre-inspection stages. Neglecting this vital step can lead to unnecessary cost and repairs considering the amount of oil that trucks need.

Check the Radiator
Effective temperature control is what keeps the rig running strong for many years. Considering that trucks are built for strength and durability while on the road, make sure that you are always on the lookout for any leaks while on the road. It is easy to get carried away when driving that you will forget to check even the basic signs of a problem with the truck. This is until something happens that alerts you that there was indeed a problem. For many truckers, checking the radiator before taking a new route might not seem like an important step. This is until maybe your semi truck lights go off while you are driving and you are not even sure which fluid was leaking. Any significant leaks while on the road should be repaired immediately least you risk your engine overheating. It is worth noting that truck replacement parts are expensive. Why risk buying new heavy duty semi truck parts such as a new engine for a problem that you could have avoided had you taken action immediately.

Grease Moving Parts
This is perhaps one of the most time consuming and tedious maintenance jobs that you can undertake as a truck driver. This is the reason why some drivers will opt to ignore the task until maybe after a trip. Greasing moving parts is something you can do all by yourself despite the fact that there are dozens of moving points in a truck. It is important to understand that ignoring greasing and other simplistic activities such as ensuring the semi truck lights are working can cause wear and tear and have you buy replacement big truck parts and accessories at an extra cost. Regularly greasing moving parts significantly increases the life of these parts meaning that the rig will require less maintenance in future. The entire activity can be a little messy and tedious but that is just a small price to pay compared to the immense benefits of regularly undertaking this vital maintenance procedure.

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