Farming A Noble Profession That Needs Good Tires


If you had to guess which job is among the most important our society needs, what would your answer be? If you guessed “farmers,” then you guessed right! Farmers are the backbone of our society with more than 3 million dotted across America. Where would we be without their expertise in growing crops and herding livestock? Vegetables and various cuts of meat were at one point cultivated and raised by a hardworking farmer.

Luckily, inventions were created that makes the life a farmer that much easier. After all, they need all the help they can get. In ancient times, plows were used with livestock pulling. However, that has since been shelved in lieu of tractors. They were so popular that in 1916, America had sold 20,000 tractors, and by the time 1935 came around, it turned to one million. This is because a tractor can serve multiple purposes, rather than just pulling a plow through the ground, by offering alternative attachments that can be easily removed and installed. But what is more important than the attachments themselves? What is needed that would make the other attachments useless without? Tractor tires, of course!

Farming tires take a big piece of the tire and rubber industry to the tune of $502 million, while on the other hand, off-road tires are behind $100 million, valuing at $401 million, according to Statistic Brain.

Which Tractor Tire Supply Store?

Generally speaking, it can be down to preference. Each tractor tire supply company overs something different for every unique scenario you can think of, from combine tires to super single tires. It would be best to, instead, buy a tractor tire supply that best suits your needs rather than championing a single company.

With that being said, if you are partial to Firestone, you should know that, according to Modern Tire Dealer, they held 22 percent of the market shares in the category of farming tires, specifically small farm replacement tires.

On the other hand, if you are partial to Goodyear, they only held 15.5 percent of the market shares in the same category, according to the same Modern Tire Dealer. Both market shares were based in the United States.

Regardless of which you pick, the job of a farmer even goes beyond cultivating crops and raising livestock. They even provide valuable data and investment into new farming technology. In fact, 25 percent of large farmers, these are considered farmers that own 1,500 acres, actually plan to, or do, buy new farming technology as well as agronomic data technology, according to a survey conducted by Caledonia Solutions.

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