Winter Weather Can Cause Lots of Damage to Cars


The coupon was only for one single soft cloth car wash, but it was a nice gesture. The day you paid nearly $400 to replace the passenger side front wheel rim after your teenager hit a pothole was not a fun one. You were, however, grateful for two things: the used rim and the car wash coupon. When you first called in about the damage the repair shop manager said that the cost of a new wheel replacement was $700, so when he found you a used rim for less than $400 you were relieved. Fortunately the tire was not damaged so they were able to mount the old tire on the used wheel. The soft cloth car wash coupon was a little bit of a bright spot in an otherwise expensive and disappointing visit to the car lot.

After a rough winter that has included lots of snow, ice, and the melting and messy conditions that result there are many complications that vehicle owners face. From damaged wheels and tires from enormous potholes to the grit, salt, and grime that collects on a car after a rough winter, a car wash can be a very good thing.

Regular Car Cleaning Can Help You Protect the Investment You Make in Your Vehicle

Even if you do not get to the drive through car wash as often as you like, finding a way to get your car washed once or twice even during the cold winter season is important. In cities that deal with lots of snow and the salt that is used on the roads, in fact, a warm day is often enough to prompt a Car Wash Alert. And while these self proclaimed car washing events may seem rather comical, you have to live in one of these locations to see how long the car wash lines are on a day when the cold weather finally lets up for a bit.

As more and more Americans invest in several cars for their family members it should come as no surprise that there are also many car washes that are used on a more regular basis. In fact, recent studies from 2018 indicate that the car wash and auto detailing industry operators will spend an estimated $0.24 on capital for every dollar spent on labor in an effort to be ready to provide their services when the weather allows.

Car washing, car shampooing, and car vacuuming services all play important roles in maintaining a vehicle. For many owners, however, a touchless or soft cloth car wash are the only services that they will use. Wanting to make sure that the grime from someone else’s care does not scratch the finish on your car is, of course, the main reason that so many drivers are particular about the services they pay for.

Americans spend approximately $5.8 billion a year at car wash facilities, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, so it should come as no surprise that a free car wash coupon every now and then can be a pretty nice treat.

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