DIY Auto Dent Repair


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Dinks and dents are a part of owning a car, but it can be expensive to get professional auto dent repair. For small dents and dings, this may not be worthwhile. This article will explain how you can get dents out without paying an arm and a leg.

The only equipment you need for this process is suction pads with handles, water, and a bit of upper body strength. To undent your car, all you need to do is wet the suction cup so that it sticks properly, adhere it to the dented location, and pull. This method works extremely well on flat parts of the car like the hood or tailgate of a pickup.

If you have an especially tough dent, boil some water on the stove and pour it on the dented area. The heat will help the metal or plastic expand and provide an added stick to the suction cup. Make sure you wear protective gear when you’re pouring the water on to prevent burns!

The hot water method works especially well on plastic bumper assemblies. Taking off a bumper to push out the dent from the inside can be very complex. There are a lot of nuts, bolts, and lights to remove to get the bumper to fully come off. The hot water & suction cup method is a lot simpler.

An added benefit of this method is that you won’t chip the paint off your vehicle. Pushing out the dent from the inside makes it much more likely that this will occur, and then you’ll have to get professional painting done.

So there you have it: a cheap and simple way to remove dents from your car. Check out the video above to see the proper technique.

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