Is a Used Escape for Sale from 2011 for You?


This video talks about the used Escape for sale, particularly a Ford, and whether it will be the right choice for someone to purchase. A consumer can get an amazing deal on a 2011 Ford Escape and reap many benefits from that purchase.

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The Ford Escape is an attractive compact SUV that may be perfect for someone who has a family and intends to take some amazing trips. The model has a five-digit keypad so that vehicle owners can put a lock code on the entrance of their vehicles. There’s also a blind spot cut-out on the mirror that helps drivers see the blind spot.

An owner of the 2011 Ford Escape can connect a bike rack to it or use the vehicle for towing purposes if necessary. Many people who own the Ford Escape appreciate its cargo space, trunk space, and sporty style.

The vehicle is also quite good on gas. A Ford Escape owner can get roughly 31 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles per gallon on the highway. There are many other features to enjoy about the model, such as the safety features and technology. It could be an exceptional deal for someone who needs a good SUV right now.

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