DIY Tips for RV Living


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Living in a van or RV can be a great way to travel and get off the grid. However, you need to be prepared for inevitable issues in your motorhome and van. Here’s a quick list of ideas for DIY motorhome repair.

Gorilla Glue

Keep Gorilla Glue or another strong adhesive on hand at all times. Thins like towel rails, hangers, or even the edge of the bumper can come loose or break off completely. Having a strong adhesive can keep things in place until you have an opportunity to do a permanent repair.

Rubber mats

If you’re eating breakfast and your partner is driving the motorhome or van, you may find it to stop your dishes from sliding. Use rubber mats for grip on glassware and plates you use while eating.

Install AC

If you have a window on the roof, consider replacing it with an AC unit for hotter climates

Duct Tape

Like Gorilla Glue, duct tape can be enormously helpful for temporary fixes. Get duct tape for broken mirrors in the bathroom or tears in the interior furniture. It’ll hold up until you can see a motorhome service.


Last, but certainly not least, always have a toolkit on hand with things to fix broken things on the trailer. Have an assortment of wrenches and screwdrivers, and anything else you can find. You never know what you might need in a pinch!



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