How to Put Tire Chains on Tractor Wheels


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Tractor wheels are durable and have a lot of traction. Sometimes they need a bit more to get tough jobs done, though. Follow along to our guide on putting tire chains on tractor wheels to get more grip on your tractor.

Lay Chains Out Neatly

Lay the chains out neatly on a flat surface. Make sure there aren’t any snags or twists in the chains, as this can cause damage to your wheel and the chains, themselves, when you’re installing them.

Center Tractor Tire On Chains

Carefully drive your tractor on top of the set of chains. You’ll want to do this one at a time to minimize your frustration. Again, check and make sure there are no snags in the chains.

Pull Ends together

Make sure the big hook is on the outside of the wheel, and the small hook is on the inside. Then pull the ends to the top of the wheel and attach them.

Remove slack & Tighten Latch

Finally, remove slack one rung at a time. This will ensure no snagging as you operate your tractor. When this is complete, tighten the latch on the main hook as much as possible to get the chains nice and snug on the wheel.

There you have it! It may take a bit of time, but it’s well worth it to avoid getting your tractor stuck in difficult terrain



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