Motorcycle Mechanic A Day In The Life


The day of a motorcycle and ATV mechanic varies depending on the demand for their work. Some days have light work loads so there isn’t much to do in terms of actually servicing vehicles.
If a mechanic doesn’t have a job with dire time constraints, they’ll usually still have other projects they can work on.

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In the video the ATV mechanic specifies that one of the biggest factors of having a business like his is learning how to deal with competition. There are a lot of people in the automotive repair business so chances are there will be another business trying to one up yours. It’s important to stay focused on your own work rather than basing your success on outside factors. This doesn’t mean your goal shouldn’t be to generate as much business as possible; quite the contrary actually. When you focus on your own business and what you can do to make it better, the business will come naturally. Getting involved in feuds with other businesses will only hinder your success.

Building a strong reputation for your business is arguably the most important thing you can do. Having the correct tools and skills to properly service motorcycles and other vehicles is only the beginning. You have to apply those skills consistently over a long period of time to build a good reputation. Once your business has a good foundation in terms of its reputation, it’s easier to maintain a steady amount of customers.

Life as a motorcycle and ATV mechanic can be exciting, but its important to stay grounded to ensure you’re doing the job correctly.


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