Getting a Car Breathalyzer Installed


Many millions of Americans own a valid driver’s license. More than half of the entire American population has one, in fact, and every day, many millions of drivers are operating cars and trucks across American roads and highways. Most of them are safe and responsible drivers, but unfortunately, there are always some drivers who are dangerously impaired and driving irresponsibly. Drunk driving is a common occurrence, and it’s the cause for many fatal car crashes every year and many more injuries. An impaired driver may be pulled over while driving or arrested for drunk driving after a crash, and either way, that person will soon face DUI charges for drinking and driving. What might come next in court? Each case varies, and nothing is being guaranteed here, someone facing DUI charges may hire a criminal defense lawyer who argues for the installation of ignition interlock devices in the car, complete with a car breathalyzer and even an interlock cup for sale. How might an interlock cup for sale help out?

Drinking and Driving

Many Americans drive impaired every day, many more than the police actually pull over and arrest for this behavior. A police officer may spot a drunk driver based on that driver’s erratic and sloppy driving technique, or someone in car crash may be tested at the scene for blood alcohol. Legally speaking, someone is driving drunk if their blood alcohol content is 0.08%, whether or not a crash or accident takes place due to this behavior. And some states have a lower threshold than that. Meanwhile, some Americans falsely believe that it’s acceptable to drive “buzzed,” or mildly intoxicated, but this is not true at all. Someone with alcohol in their system has impaired coordination, judgment, and reaction times, making them likely to hit other cars or pedestrians, or go through red lights or exceed the speed limit. Someone who is arrested for drunk driving and faces charges may choose to hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent them in court, and that may involve negotiating the terms of punishment for any charges that the defendant is convicted of. If done right, this might turn out in a way the defendant may find acceptable.

Facing Charges

As mentioned earlier, someone who is due to appear in court for drunk driving charges may find a criminal defense lawyer in their area to represent them in the legal proceedings. The accused may look online to find criminal defense law firms in their area, and they may in fact find law firms that specialize in drunk driving cases in particular since it’s so common. The accused may consult the lawyers there (this might or might not incur a fee) and find one whose expertise, experience, and success rate are to their liking, and hire them. They will build their case together, and the lawyer will speak on the client’s behalf during court. This may involve having some charges dropped or changed to lesser ones in some cases, and the lawyer may also negotiate for lighter sentences for the accused.

For example, the accused may have jail or prison time exchanged for mandatory alcoholism rehab, and they may have a breathalyzer and ignition interlock device installed in their car as a sort of compromise. This might be on top of some fines and points put on the accused’s license. A car ignition interlock device is connected to the breathalyzer, and in short, the interlock device will only allow the engine to turn on if the driver submits a clean breath sample. This will prove that they are not trying to drive with alcohol in their system. During driving, the driver may be alerted to pull over and submit another sample, just to be thorough. And to keep this discreet, the driver may find an interlock cup for sale. If they find an interlock cup for sale and install it over the breathalyzer tube, they can disguise their breath test as a sip from a soft drink container, such as he type found in convenience stores. This will probably not be mandated by the court, but drivers who have a breathalyzer may choose to have one installed out of personal preference and avoid any stigma around being seen using a breathalyzer.

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