The Need for the Trucking Industry is Always Growing


The trucking industry is always growing. In the U.S. in 2015, statistics show us that 3.5 million truck drivers were employed across the entire country and this number continues to increase all the time. With such a high demand as goods are being moved throughout different areas, there is also a need for more trained drivers who can hit the roads as early as possible and get started on their journey into one of the best jobs they could have ever asked for, with many rewards.

Trucks Have a Huge Impact on Our Economy

As the economy continues to grow, the trucking industry is certainly needed for many different aspects. Trucks move up to 70% of the nation’s freight by weight, which means that there will always be a demand for trained truckers to help grow the economy that the trucking industry has enhanced for many years. With so many trucking jobs becoming available, these same places of employment are looking for those who are specifically trained for the job at hand and will be able to handle every aspect of the job. Because of this, truck driving schools are always looking to take drivers under their wings so that they can teach defensive driving training to many possible workers who will help move our freight in the years to come.

There Has Been a Truck Driving Shortage

So why are many truck driving schools offering CDL classes and helping to put more truck drivers on our roads? For one, there is a truck driver shortage that has been taking the world by hold for many years now. As more and more people reach retirement age and stop driving truck and others decide that it is not the lifestyle for them (mostly due to the lack of training in their area) it is possible that the trucking industry could slightly lag behind, as they are not receiving the same amount of interested truckers as they were many years ago.

Because efficiency and productivity is not what it used to be, we are seeing more and more late shipments and many companies going out of business, leaving fewer and fewer job opportunities for those who want to get started on their journey in the trucking industry. When transportation is delayed and less items are taken to where they need to go in a certain amount of time, the prices of products could increase and shipping and freight rates could also skyrocket, leaving us in a bad financial position. Because of this, it is a good idea for many companies to make their trucking companies inviting and give their employees the most benefits as possible and fit them with truck driving school so that they can make a difference on our roads and always be right on time with deliveries.

In 2013, it was reported that the trucking industry was responsible for 15 billion tons of transported cargo. This is supposed to increase to over 18 billion tons by 2040. This is why now is the time for the trucking industry to make many changes so that it can support its many drivers and put quality back on our roads. By introducing truck driving school so that many individuals can brush up on their skills, these companies will learn to successfully manage their employees once more, leading to a better economy and better growth across our country.

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