Heres What to Expect When You get Your Windshield Repaired


You probably preserve a safe following distance between your car and the vehicles ahead of you when driving. You likely avoid construction zones wherever feasible and give gravel trucks a little additional room to maneuver.

On the other hand, a semi-truck has the potential to kick up a rock that hits your windshield, causing a loud crack. In addition to being startled by the loudness and the sight of an item hurtling at you, you will notice a small crater where the rock struck your windshield.

Since most rock chips may be mended, windshield replacement isn’t always necessary in cases like this one.

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However, you may not know what to anticipate if this is your first time bringing your vehicle in for auto glass repair.

In contrast to house windows and other common glass constructions, vehicle windshields do not have a single pane of glass. Wipers are made up of many layers that are glued together instead. There are two layers of laminated glass sandwiched between two automobile rubber or vinyl layers.

Impact damage is less likely to break the windshield into harmful fragments because to this design. If your rock chip can be repaired, a specialist will go to work right away. You’ll most likely be encouraged to wait in a waiting area as with an oil change. The average repair time is around 30 minutes.

This video is all about auto glass repair, for more, watch the full video.


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