How Slab Jacking Can Save Your Driveway


This video shows how people can slab jack their driveways to raise concrete slabs. Driveways support various weights, and over time, they can become sunken or uneven.
How can slab jacking save a driveway? Slab jacking saves a driveway by lifting the slab to make it level with the surrounding surface. This prevents cracking and other further damages that can occur to it.

The first step of slab jacking is cement mixing. Cement is mixed with dirt, sand, and water to form a slurry that is pumped under the slab.

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The slab jacker holds the mixture and readies it for the next step. Once the mixing is completed, the slab jacking professionals strategically drill holes in the driveway. Usually, they make holes in places where the ground is sunken or uneven. The holes allow them to inject the cement mix used for driveway leveling.

The professionals then inject grout in the holes, ensuring the right amount to make the slab level with the surrounding area. They then install a backer rod in each hole before power washing the area. Finally, they fill the holes with cement and conduct finishing touches.


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