How to Keep Your New Porsche Detailing Safe


To keep your Porsche detailing looking new, ensure you wash it away from direct sunlight. A careful look at your car will reveal scratches across the paintwork. Keep your wash mitt away from grit or dirt to avoid these occurrences.

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When Porsche detailing, use a snow foam agent because it is easier to apply with a pressure washer. Alternatively, go for products that work well with a hosepipe. Just be sure to soak the car entirely. Your wash mitts should be super soft and synthetic lambswool or microfiber. You should add a grit guard for your bucket, which prevents your mitt from falling into the settled dirt at the bottom of the bucket. You may incorporate the use of two buckets, one with soapy mix and another with plain water. This technique further eliminates grit.

Hose down the car and cover it with a thick microfiber drying towel that absorbs lots of water with no streaking. Use an automotive dryer to get water out of crevices and matt surfaces. Please avoid using squeegees because they always leave behind fine dirt scratches.

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