How to Get the Most for Your Trade In


According to IHS Markit research, more than 20 million vehicles on the road in 2021 will be over 25 years old. Not only this, but the average vehicle will have three owners in its lifetime. When this is taken into consideration, the task of trading in or selling your used vehicle no longer seems bleak, but in reality, promising.

The best thing you can do to make sure that you get the most accurate and valued assessment for your used car is to make sure it has all of its parts and that all of said car features are in proper functioning order before the sale or inspection is to take place. There is nothing more embarrassing than unintentional false advertising, and in the case of a sale, the last thing you want is your customer or dealership believing that you are untrustworthy. To avoid this, it is best to research where you can buy the auto parts that you need somewhere in your area well before you actually move on to the selling of any used cars. Especially since the models tend to be older ones, finding the proper materials can be quite difficult on a shorter notice. Not only will you need to find a store that carries the parts that you are looking for, but it likely will not be in stock. This means you will have to plan far enough ahead that it is not the end of the world if you need to make a special order or wait for the company’s next upcoming shipment.

Once your car is all in working order — to the best of your ability and financial interest that is — the next thing to do is know the market. Armed with knowledge, you are far less likely to be tricked into a deal for any less than what you know your vehicle is worth, the work done on it included. It is very important to stay firm with what you want out of a sale, or people are likely to negotiate you out of a profit of any kind. If you start by asking for a little more than what you actually want, not only will you be able to maintain the profit you know it to be worth, but, in some cases, you will be able to sell it for even more than its market value. Still, do not get too greedy, Virtually all car dealerships offer the convenience of on-site financing. Most dealerships work with at least 5 to 10 different banks or loan providers so that they can offer competitive rates to their customers.

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