Using a Paint Touch Up Kit to Fix the Paint Job


Automobiles are a massive industry in the developed world, especially in the United States today, and the market for buying new or used cars, and their parts, is enormous. Many millions of Americans own their own cars or pickup trucks, but owning a car is not just fun on the road; a car is a big responsibility, and that involves taking in one’s car to the shop every so often to get it looked at or get some maintenance work done. Many different components of a car can be looked over or fixed, and one of the cosmetic jobs that can be done on a car is to use a paint touch up kit on its coat of paint. Many car brands have their own paint colors and paint touch up kit models, such as Jeep touch up paint, Acura touch up paint, or Hyundai touch up paint. A car’s coat of paint can make a great impression if it is in good shape, but damaged paint can look ugly and be unpleasant for the owner. But a paint touch up kit can be bought or used as as DIY project, or nearby auto shop crews can use their own paint touch up kit to get a car’s coat back in good shape.

About Car Paint

Why is a paint touch up kit even needed, and how much damage might car paint suffer? All cars have paint, after all, and a solid coat of paint with good finisher can also protect the car’s body from rust and other damage, not just maintain its looks. Today, the auto industry considers white, gray, black, and silver as the four neutral colors, and according to a color marketing specialist named Nancy Lockhart, the color white has stood as the most popular for North American cars ever since 2006. What can go wrong with a car’s coat? To measure damage, there is a scale of levels to describe the damage: 1A, 1B, 2, 3, and 4, with 1A being the mildest damage and 4 being used to classify the most serious damage to a car’s coat of paint. Often, it is storms that can damage a car’s paint job. Hail can dent a car’s body and harm the paint, and falling tree branches due to snow or ice can scratch a car all over. And that’s not even mentioning more serious cases, such as debris being blown about by a tornado or hurricane. Even if the car survives and stays in place, debris has probably scratched or struck the car a few times, and that will compromise the paint. Other times, scraping against objects like fire hydrants or large mail boxes may damage a car’s paint job, and other times, paint will be damaged through vandalism, such as “keying a car” that is, dragging a key along a car’s paint to deliberately put scratches on it.

A Touch Up Paint Kit

Car paint will get damaged sometimes, but there is plenty that a car or pickup truck’s owner can do to fix it. One option, if the car owner has the skills and gear, is DIY. The car owner may open the hood and inspect the barrier between the engine and passenger compartments and find the sticker that describes the paint code. The owner may then order this paint online. Next, the car’s owner can sand down the afflicted area, put down primer, then apply a few coats of paint. Once that dries, finisher can be added to complete the job.

Otherwise, car owners may take their car to an auto shop and have the crews there perform a touch up job. The exact cost will vary, based on the extent of the damage and where on the car the damage occurred. Some smaller paint touch up jobs might even be free of charge. Other jobs might cost a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand, based on the severity of the damage. The crews will approximate the color as best as they can and apply a similar process as what a DIY car owner would do, and the paint job is now complete.

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