How to Repair Paint Damage for Lexus Automobiles


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One of the best feelings is owning your own automobile. That being said, there are often times when you’ll have to deal with seeing a scratch on your vehicle. It’s understandable to feel upset, angry and panicked after seeing that a scratch has now damaged your Lexus. With that in mind, you’ll be glad to know that most scratches are completely fixable with a Lexus touch up paint kit. Considering that, here is a guide to help Lexus owners repair automobile paint damage.

Determine the Type of Scratch You’re Dealing With

There is a system in place to classify the type of car paint scratch that you’re dealing with. This system uses levels to measure scratch damage featuring levels: 1A, 1B, 2, 3, and 4. Dealing with a 1A is the least severe type of scratch while a level 4 scratch causes the most damage. A Lexus touch up paint kit will be best for less severe scratches rather than deep gouges.

Getting Your Vehicle Prepared

Before using your car touch up paint kit, it’s wise to wash your automobile. After removing dirt and grime from your vehicle, you’ll want to ensure that is thoroughly dried before applying paint. Considering that, you might want to bring along microfiber towels after your vehicle is washed. Next, you’ll want to use some type of compound on and near the area of the scratch. This is done to help the new paint to blend in more seamlessly with the original color.

Choosing the Right Kind of Lexus Touch Up Paint

You might find yourself tempted to purchase the first type of paint touch up kit you come across. That being said, it’s important that you stick with the professionals when looking for Lexus touch up paint. A company that is knowledgeable about automobiles, ensuring you receive an auto touch up paint kit that matches perfectly with your Lexus.

Time to Begin Painting

Marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart reports that white continues to be the most popular car color choice, holding this title since 2006. No matter which color your Lexus is, you’ll need to choose how to apply automotive touch up paint to your vehicle. You’ll find that using either a paint sprayer or brush work well for working with automotive touch up paint.

There are a few keys to success to follow while applying touch up paint to your Lexus. Namely, it’s important to ensure that you take your time and apply paint in single coats. In addition, it’s important that you give each coat adequate time to dry, usually around 20 minutes. That being said, this time can vary depending on the conditions you’re working in.

Completing the Final Steps

After you’re satisfied with how your paint appears, it’s time to smooth and blend the affected area. Whether you prefer to use fine sandpaper or a finishing compound, begin blending. You’ll know you’re finished when it’s impossible to distinguish the painted area with the rest of the original automobile paint.

In conclusion, purchasing Lexus touch up paint and following a few simple steps will repair damage from your vehicle right away. Statistics gathered from a Direct Line survey found that 52% of all automobile damage takes place either from keying or scratched paint. With that in mind, many automobile owners choose to purchase touch up paint in order to avoid a costly professional repair bill.

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