I Want To Buy A Truck This Year Should I Get Heavy Duty Or Light Duty?


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You’ve decided you want to buy a truck. You need to use it for camping trips, going back and forth between your job and filling up that woefully blank space in your garage. That’s about the size of it, right?

Let’s not get hasty! Trucks are one of the most popular vehicles of choice in the United States, due in no small part to their sheer variety and all the ways they can enhance your lifestyle. Should you look into a Chevy Silvarado because of its popularity? How about the Ford F-Series for a classic that’ll never die? That’s even before you get into the steelcraft nerf bars you’ll need to pad your truck out to completion. Before you make the plunge at your favorite auto dealer, give the list below a glance so you can ensure all your bases are covered on your way to becoming a smart truck owner.

Here are five useful tips on finding the right steelcraft running boards, LED bull bar and, of course, ideal truck!

What’s The Truck Industry Look Like These Days?

You won’t have to worry about finding an industry that can support your truck-buying needs. Back in 2017 General Motors’ revenue was a staggering $145 billion. Although this dipped a few billion from 2016, that’s a number nobody should look at and feel odd about! Today the most valuable auto company in the world is Toyota, standing tall at $30 billion. But what do all these figures and numbers mean for the average truck owner that just wants to get a good deal?

What’s The Most Popular Truck Out There?

If you’re going straight for what’s most beloved, you can’t go wrong with the Ford F-Series. In 2017 this line-up was dubbed the best selling truck in the United States. It sold an impressive 895,000 trucks and continues to make many top 10 lists for its combination of quality, accessibility and innovation. Light Duty trucks are coveted for their more accessible design and flexible approach, with a carrying capacity of 1,500 to 3,000 pounds. Figuring this out early on will later inform the kind of steelcraft nerf bars and steelcraft bumpers you’ll need.

What Are Other Popular Truck Brands?

Maybe you’re not crazy about the Ford F-Series. What else does the truck industry have in store for you? The same year saw the Chevy Silverado becoming the second best selling truck, raking in a nice 585,000 sales and establishing it as a solid alternative. If you’re going to be using your truck for more than just the occasional trip, a Heavy Duty model might be the perfect fit for you. They have a carrying capacity of over 6,500 pounds as well as a towing limit beyond 20,000.

What Truck Accessories Do I Need?

Now, hold on! One does not simply buy a truck. You also need to have it fitted with useful truck accessories to keep you covered everywhere you go. Steelcraft nerf bars are designed to be long-lasting and incredibly durable, perfect if you’re a little paranoid about your truck getting bumped on the way to your family’s Christmas dinner. They’re just large enough to use easily, but small enough they can fit alongside your truck with ease. The five classes of trailer hitch are able to two between 2,000 or less to nearly 12,000 pounds.

Am I Ready To Be A Truck Owner?

With these tips on your side? Absolutely. Owning a truck isn’t just choosing one type of car over another…it’s practically a lifestyle in the United States. Sales of light trucks over the years have gone up from 55% to 60% of the total auto market in the country, with the pickup truck remaining the second most popular out of the bunch. When it comes to thetype of light duty truck? Look no further than the crossover selling 395,000 units over the past year.

Don’t put off buying your dream truck. Keep these tips in mind and make sure you go all out when buying those steelcraft nerf bars for your new baby!
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