Insane Lambo Crash Going About 200 mph


Supercars are designed to accelerate quickly to extremely fast speeds. This is mostly just for bragging rights. Very few people get to drive their supercars at or near their top speed. This is for many reasons. It is extremely difficult to control a car going this fast, much less do it safely.

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The risk of crashing an expensive car is also high. There are some opportunities for people to race their cars on closed tracks. However, there also remains one unique option. The Autobahn in Europe is one of the largest highways in the world. It was built back in the day for military vehicles to easily be transported. However, now it is open to the public. On this road, the top speed limit for the leftmost lane is very high. This is one of the few places where supercars can really shine. However, one Lamborghini driver took it too far in this video.

In the video you can see the dashboard of the Lambo with the speedometer. The car roars as the needle moves precariously towards the right of the speedometer. The occupants seem to be having fun. However, this all changes quickly as they hit a bump in the road and lose control. The car crashes into the ditch and is totaled. They are going to need more than emergency roadside assistance services to fix this situation.


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