Is Your Teen Ready to Drive? Creating a Maintenance Schedule for Routine Auto Repairs is Key


Getting their first car is one of the young adults’ most exciting rites of passage. However, many teenagers are unaware they must follow regular maintenance and auto repair service schedules to keep their cars in perfect condition. While learning to drive is the first step toward becoming an adult, learning to manage the responsibilities of vehicle ownership and the board of automotive repair services needed is the next.

Fortunately, it is much easier to find auto repair locations with the help of the internet and referrals from family and friends. By simply searching car parts repair near me on the internet, you will have access to plenty of alternatives to consider for a first car owner. Investing in high-quality car parts such as tires, brakes, and brake pads for your car and having them fixed in the best automotive repair shop is essential.

For the safety of the driver and passengers, it is crucial to be able to change a tire in an emergency on a highway or back road. Additionally, new drivers should maintain jumper wires in their trucks if they accidentally leave their lights on and drain the battery.

Updated 4/20/22.

While it is prudent to seek a mechanic to carry out your auto car repairs, it is good to conduct due diligence to get an expert with knowledge, skills, experience, and the right tools. In that case, driving into the first auto repair shop you come across may be a mistake.

The best action is to search online and review previous customer reviews and rankings. You can search for ‘auto car center near me,’ ‘auto car repair shop near me.’ or ‘auto car garage near me.’ Once you get the result, do not be quick to call the first auto repair shop you find on the list. Make sure you go through the reviews of previous customers, specifically the negative ones. The negative reviews are often written in honesty based on customer service, auto repair or inspection quality, and the turnaround time.

After identifying an auto repair shop that matches your needs, give them a call and book an appointment. Your first appointment could be a discussion of the service offering, repair options available, and the quotes, after which you may decide on whether to hire the shop.

Along with regular hose and timing belt inspections, finding the perfect tires for your vehicle is essential, experts say. In general, rotating tires every 7,500 miles or so is recommended, with an alignment check every 5,000 miles as well. The perfect time to
service your vehicle is during an oil change, and following the repair recommendations of the tires and auto repair professionals is key: having filters changed and seals checked is a quick process that can save car owners thousands in repairs on a long-term basis.One of the most exciting rites of passage for young adults is getting the keys to their first car: being able to drive to work, to school, and to fun activities with their friends is both practical and exciting, and teens consistently report that they look for part-time jobs after school and during the summer months in order to buy their own vehicles. What many teens do not know, however, is that in order to keep their cars in tip-top shape, they will need to adhere to a regular maintenance schedule.

Affordable auto repair services
can be found via recommendations from family and friends, or via a quick internet search, but teens who delay auto repairs may find themselves in a bind. Recent studies indicate that, across America, the cost of vehicle neglect amounts to more than $2 billion every year. About 40% of all auto repairs involve replacing either a timing belt or hose, and while teens are excited about the independence that comes with owning a car, they may forget to attend to routine maintenance tasks.

Brakes and brake pads can last much longer than other vehicle components, and car owners should consider a maintenance check on their brakes every 20,000 miles. Of course, brake components can last up to 50,000 miles, but if drivers feel that their brakes are becoming noticeably less effective, or if they feel that their brakes’ response time is slowing down, they should urgently schedule an appointment to inspect their vehicles. Centers for tires and auto repair can schedule a time for drivers to sit down and discuss repairs.

Used tires puyallup

Although no driver wants to hear their tire and auto repair company say, “You need new tires,” taking the time to do routine safety checks can reduce wear and tear on any vehicle. Drivers in states with heavy snowfall should consider investing in heavy-duty snow tires, which can help improve traction on roads that may have several inches of ice during certain times of the year. Keeping a good eye on tire pressure is also recommended, and experts in tires and auto repair want drivers to monitor their tread depth.

To check tires for wear, simply take a penny and insert it into the grooves — also called “treads” — on your vehicle’s tires. Rubber tires are extremely durable, but the average American driver puts more than 10,000 miles onto their car or truck every year. If the penny sinks far enough into the tire treads that you cannot see the president’s face, it could be time to look into getting reliable new or used tires. Maintenance costs for tires and auto repair are important to factor into a monthly budget, and teens should make sure they keep all repair appointments.

Finding a friendly auto mechanic with a large selection of tires is essential for drivers of any age, and there are usually local classes available for new drivers. Having the ability to change a tire in case of an unplanned breakdown on a highway or back road is very important for driver and passenger safety, and new drivers should make sure they keep jumper cables in their truck in the event that they leave their lights on and drain their battery by accident. Driving is the first step towards adulthood, but the second step is learning to handle the responsibility of owning and operating a vehicle.

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