Motorcoaches, Taxis And Limousines Which Form Of Transportation Should I Choose?



Thinking of going on a trip? You’ll need to pick the best form of transportation. Thanks to technology we are blessed with the luxury of traveling in a million and one different ways, from the more classic carpooling to the cost-efficient motorcoaches to safe airport transportation. However, not all transportation methods are built the same! Some are better for those on a time limit, while others are perfect for those on a budget. Choosing the right one will go a long way in giving you and your wallet peace of mind. Let’s take a look at all the different transportation methods in the United States and which one you should choose.


It’s tempting to take your car and drive to your destination. It’s personal and private — what’s not to love? However, this is a notoriously expensive option that can really cut into valuable work time for some. Many like to work or study while they travel, which is difficult to do when you also have to drive and follow your GPS! Motorcoaches have proven a cost-efficient and eco-friendly option for people going back and forth across the country, while taxis and limousines are increasingly popular choices for local trips.


If you want to go on a business trip or visit family, motorcoaches might be in your future. These buses can easily remove as many as 50 individual cars off the road, freeing up local highways and reducing carbon footprints all in one fell swoop. Students and businessowners often choose motorcoaches so they can work while they travel, though they are also rather popular with families who want to save money on their trip. Party buses are affordable and unique options for group transportation rentals, particularly for bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you’re looking for local transportation options with a sense of style, you can’t go wrong with taxis or limousines.


Did you know there are over 130,000 limousines in service across the country? The American taxi and limousine industry employs well over 250,000 people year after year, from driving to advertisement to consultation. There are an estimated 200,000 taxi and limousine services overall, easily considered some of the most convenient and stylish ways of moving from one place to the next. Around 50% of all limousine services are used for business and corporate customers during the week and the majority of limousine companies are on the smaller side, rarely exceeding more than five or six vehicles.


Last, but certainly not least, we have airplanes. While many people have a fear of flying, airplanes are easily one of the safest ways of traveling. You’re actually more likely to get into a crash driving a car on your own! Not only are airplanes safe, they’re perfect when you need to get somewhere as fast as possible. With thousands of airports across the country, you’ll never be at a loss for options.

Airport Transportation

Traveling by plane is one thing. What do you do when you get off? Taxis and limousines are easily the most preferred method of moving around the city or town you’ve landed in, thanks to their quality service and wide range of locations and drop-offs. The American taxi and limousine industry grew by a stunning 3% every year from 2009 to 2014 alone, adding up to an average revenue of $11 billion. That’s nothing to sneeze at! Airport transportation only stands to get better and better as time goes on, so you’ll never be left with a shortage of options when you need to get from point A to point B. Now that you’ve done your homework, commit to traveling in style!

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