NASCAR to Main Street Why Vehicle Wraps are Great for Company Advertising


Wiretrim tape helps achieve a perfect edge

Have you ever wondered how racing teams apply paint to stock cars? In NASCAR, the largest governing body of stock car racing, the cars are rarely painted. Instead, they are designed to be fit with vinyl pieces, known as wraps, to display intricate logos from sponsors, as well as attractive designs.

The wrap’s application process must be performed very carefully, in order for the design to be laid down properly. Instead of piecing giant vinyl sheets over the vehicles, sometimes, they are applied in pieces. Wrap cut tape is applied under the vinyl sheets, and then removed in order to reveal the intended design.

The use of vinyl wrap tape eliminates the need for surface damaging tools like knives, that leave scratches on the vehicle or drag and tear the vinyl. They also increase the speed of application, and require less skill to make intricate cuts.

Vinyl wrap cutting tape makes it possible to overlap vinyl sheets, creating new designs hassle free. It can be applied on any surface, including paint, and can contort around any angle. The tape produces perfectly clean lines.

Vinyl wrap cutting tape is used by companies outside of stock car racing as well. It can be used to apply wraps to other vehicles, like delivery cars and trucks, or other company vehicles to display logos or contact information.

Custom business vehicles have become increasingly popular, as vehicle wraps do not cost much money, but as a mobile billboard, a company can increase their brand exposure almost effortlessly by travelling to different areas.

Wraps are easily removable and replaceable, meaning that a company does not have to commit to one particular design, and can also choose to wrap a vehicle for one promotion.

If you drive a company vehicle, like a delivery truck or service vehicle, advertising your brand on the side of the vehicle requires no more effort than you otherwise would exert. Other methods of advertisement require extensive planning or long hours to execute.

Television or radio ads require multiple takes. As long as a design and logo is created by a reputable graphic designer, a vinyl wrap can be applied to any vehicle with minimal effort.

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