Protect Your Car’s Integrity with New Windshields


The windshield is essential to a car’s safety system; it protects you from dirt and debris and ensures your vision on the road is clear. Therefore, you need to take good care of windshields. There are many ways of maintaining your car’s windshields, and if you have a chipped or cracked windshield, you can get a new shield from a local windshield company. Windshield chip repair companies offer the best services. They are very affordable, avoid parking your car where the windshield is at risk of getting damaged, and use an auto-specific glass cleaner detergent when cleaning the windshield. Front car glass replacement is very advisable to be done every six months, which will help minimize risks that occur when the windscreen is cracked.

If you are a first-time car owner with no clue about how everything works, you can check for the best company that deals with auto glass replacement near my location for guidance, and you can ask all the queries you may have about the windshields’. Windshield play a significant role in the car; therefore, it has to be handled with care and precision. Always opt for professional experts to manage your vehicle; this will help you cut the cost of a new windshield installed.

Have you had your auto glass replaced recently? Depending on the quality and reputation of the auto glass repair service that you used, you may want to have it double-checked. This is because a recent report indicates that nearly 80% of auto glass replacements aren’t properly handled.

Windshields Provide Structural Integrity

Visibility is, of course, vital; so, too, is your car cabin’s structural integrity. Were you aware that the windshield provides 60% of a car’s integrity should it be involved in a roll-over crash? Furthermore, the windshield also provides 45% of a car’s structural integrity if it’s involved in a head-on collision.

When to Repair or Replace Your Windshield

If you’re not sure when to get your windshield repaired or replaced, there are a few important points to keep in mind. Is the damage in your line of sight? If the crack is less than three inches long, a windshield repair shop can repair it. However, when it is within your line of sight and greater than 3 inches wide, experts recommend that you have it replaced.

If your windshield has a few chips and/or cracks, it’s important to take it to an auto glass repair service as soon as possible. This is because glass can be unpredictable, and the damage may spread beyond repair at any moment. While it might not spread at first, and In fact, may take up to 10 years to do so, if the windshield should sustain another chip, the windshield can crack up to 2 feet within 30 minutes of the impact.

Windshield replacement is also recommended when there is a crack within 4 inches of another one. The Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard recommends replacing windshields when the damage exceeds an inch when within a driver’s visual field.

Windshield Replacement Options

When you take your car in for a windshield replacement, the technician will make recommendations. You’ll need tempered automative glass if your side or back windows need replacing, and laminated automotive glass for your front window.

When you visit an auto glass repair service, you may want to ask about having all of your windows replaced with tinted glass. This can minimize the UVA rays that pass through your windows, and recent figures indicate that this occurs at a rate of 3.8 times less than with un-tinted windows.

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