Protect Your Possessions with these Storage Unit Tips


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There are an estimated 52,500 storage facilities in the United States that employ over 170 thousand people and generate over $22 billion a year. The storage industry is huge and still growing as people find the need for more space, more cars, and more recreational videos. Many people are downsizes their homes, but do not want to give up everything they own. Many people use storage units as a temporary solution to a problem, or a long-term solution for season items such as holiday decorations, lawn furniture, or vehicles.

There is an endless number of reasons an individual may want or use a storage unit, which has led to specialized storage to fill specific needs. Car storage units are typically larger with full overhead doors, climate controlled, and dry. This prevents undo rust or the risk of scratching the sides moving it in and out. There are a number of storage unit tips that can help you make the best decision for your possessions.

RV storage may be inside or outside depending on what you are looking for. These types of storage may resemble pole barns with allotted areas. Regardless of whether you are looking for RV or winter car storage, there are some common storage unit tips that can help make the experience better overall.

The first thing you want to do is make sure the storage unit you rent is adequate for your storage needs. Storage units come in a wide range of shapes and sizes with man doors or overhead doors. Some are temperature controlled and some are not. You need to have a clear idea of what you plan to store and what accommodations you need to keep your items safe and secure.

The next thing to consider is security. Is the facility gated? How hard is it for people to come in and out of the facility. Is there an on-site manager? Are there security cameras? If there are, how many and where are they stationed. These are the kinds of things you want to ask prior to renting.

You also want to ask about flooding or water issues. Have they ever had water issues? Are the units dry and climate controlled? Do you need to worry about moisture coming through the floor? You may want to put your possessions on pallets to ensure nothing gets damp depending on the situation and what you are storing.

While all your possessions are valuable, you want to avoid storing true valuables like cash. Regardless of how much security there is at a facility, things happen, and you don’t want to lose money you cannot replace.

If you are storing a car, boat, RV, four-wheeler, motorcycle, or any other form of transportation, it is important you winterize the vehicle first for safety reasons. The facility may even require this as a consideration for storing.

These storage unit tips are just to get you started. It is best to shop around to see what your options are and to talk to other renters to get a full idea of what you need and want.

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