Understanding the Diesel Fuel Injector


Diesel engine

If you do not own a vehicle with a diesel engine, you will likely not be familiar with a system such as the Dodge diesel fuel injector. There are cars and light trucks on the road today that sport a diesel engine, but the Dodge diesel fuel injector is most often found in heavier machinery and trucks that carry heavy loads.

A diesel fuel injection system is one in which efficiency of fuel to the engine is highly prized. That has always been the goal of the diesel engine: efficiency. While the gasoline engine is the mainstay of the American car, truck, and van, the diesel engine remains the choice for the lang-haulers.

There are several differences between the gas engine and the diesel engine. The one that might be the most apparent to the general public at large is the fact that the engines use different types of fuel. You have likely been to a gas station that sells diesel fuel and know that if you have a gasoline engine, then diesel is not what you want. But, if you have a car or truck with a diesel engine, then diesel fuel is the only way to go.

Another big difference between the gasoline engine and the diesel engine is found in the injection process. What you will find in most regular car engines is a carburetor, or a port injection system. In a port injection system, fuel is injected just before the intake stroke, outside the cylinder. The carburetor mixes air and fuel well before the air enters the cylinder, so all of the fuel is pumped into the cylinder during the intake stroke before it is compressed.

This compression of the fuel and air mixture limits the compression ratio of the engine. But, the air cannot be compressed too much, otherwise, the air/fuel mixture will spontaneously ignite, causing knocking in the engine. Knocking can cause excessive heat and can possibly damage the engine. With a diesel engine, the diesel fuel is injected directly into the cylinder. This is because diesel engines use a direct fuel injection system, which is where the Dodge diesel fuel injector comes in.

Invented and patented 125 years ago by Rudolf Diesel, the diesel engine was born out of a desire to make an engine that would be more fuel efficient than what was being used at the time. Originally, diesel engines were used as a replacement for stationary steam engines that were wasting energy and were terribly inefficient when it came to fuel.

The diesel system works under very high pressure. It is this high pressure that enables the Dodge diesel fuel injector to fire multiple bursts of fuel with very precise timing. The timing is critical for these bursts of fuel, so it is imperative that the injectors work exactly as they have been designed to work.

You will find diesel engines in either a two-stroke or four-stroke design, used in submarines, ships, trucks, heavy equipment, and many other engines that require precision. As long as we have the need for engines to power our transportation and other major machinery, the diesel engine will likely be a big part of keeping everything running.

As long as we have diesel engines, we will need the diesel fuel injectors, which are at the heart of what makes a diesel engine design function.

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