What are the Signs of a Bad Diesel Injection Pump?


Replacing diesel injectors

Having a car that rides smoothly is a feeling that is hard to match. Many choose a diesel automobile for the power that it provides. The first diesel engine was designed nearly 125 years ago and has risen to popularity ever since. There are times when your reliable vehicle may have a few problems. One important piece of the car is the injector pump. This pump injects fuels from the gas tank to the engine of a vehicle. Knowing the signs of a bad fuel pump will help you know when to have this part replaced. In this post, you will learn signs it might be time to replace your injector pump.

  1. Having Difficulty Starting the Engine

    You never want to have problems starting your vehicle. If you’ve had difficulty getting the car to turn over, it might be because of a fuel injector. When your fuel injector becomes worn down, it has a harder time efficiently getting fuel into the engine. Not being able to start your vehicle is a sign your injector may need to be replaced. If your vehicle doesn’t start after getting fueled up, this is a telltale sign of an injector related issue. Using one of the best diesel fuel injectors will keep your engine starting perfectly. It’s best to have a professional take a look at your fuel injector situation. You don’t want to purchase and install the wrong injector. A professional will be able to asses which part you may need including. Installing the wrong injector would be using 6.9 idi injectors in a vehicle that needs a 7.3 idi injector pump.
  2. Large Amounts of Smoke Exiting the Exhaust

    Seeing smoke coming from an exhaust happens from time to time. However, large amounts of thick smoke coming from your exhaust indicates a vehicle problem. One of the bad Cummins injector symptoms pertains to this thick smoke. A fuel injector pump works to get good fuel in and out of the engine efficiently. Seeing excessive smoke from your exhaust is a sign that your injector may not be performing properly.
  3. Odd Sounds Coming From the Engine

    You may notice that your vehicle has been making recent odd sounds. If you’re noticing strange sounds coming from your engine, it could be related to a fuel injector. A 7.3 idi injector pump is one of the most popular injector pumps available. It’s important not to confuse this pump with a 7.3 idi performance injection pump.

In closing, there are several signs that you might need a fuel pump replacement. Diesel fuel has a life expectancy of 12 months at a temperature of 68 degrees and drops to six months when temperatures rise about 86 degrees. If you can’t start your vehicle, a fuel injector could be to blame. Excessive smoke from vehicle exhaust pipes is another injector related problem. You may need to venture online to find a specific part like a 7.3 idi injector pump. Being aware of the previously mentioned warning signs will save you from larger vehicle repairs in the future.

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