Three Reasons to Replace Car Carpet


Custom car carpet

One piece of a car that is often overlooked is the carpet. It is recommended to replace a car’s carpeting every ten years. Not only does the carpet serve to visually identify the car, and by extension the owner, but it can also serve to reduce noise and pollutants. New flooring in the car is a great way to revitalize a vehicle and getting the proper carpet color and style is important for restorations. Below are the reasons to consider a custom carpet manufacturer.

1. Pollution and bacteria. Many people eat in their cars. In fact, 70% of drivers admit to eating or drinking in their car. It is especially common for children to eat in the car. But the more people eat in their cars, the more likely bacteria are. Any place where food or beverage have been dropped or spilled will have a higher count of bacteria. Not only does bacteria build up, but so does pollution. The air inside your car may be up to ten times more polluted than the breeze coming off the freeway. Auto carpets can hold all that bacteria and all that pollution, making the car dirty and smelly.

2. Noise. Air pollution is not the only kind of pollution to worry about. Noise pollution can also be reduced with the help of a custom carpet manufacturer. Carpets absorb sound and reduce the amount of noise inside the vehicle. This can be noise from the surrounding city streets or noise from the vehicle itself. Carpets act as sound deadeners for the car.

3. Custom carpet. A custom carpet manufacturer can get pieces that help make the car unique. They carry different styles, like loop car carpet and tuxedo car carpet. They can be embroidered floor mats or felt trunk mats. A variety of colors exist to match the car perfectly. You can even purchase carpets that match the exact make and model of your car, going all the way back to the 1940s. Carpets that can match just about any year and model are a great thing for restoration projects.

The benefits of a custom carpet manufacturer are obvious. If car carpets are replaced every ten years as recommended, there would be less pollution and bacteria as well as less noise. Cars would smell better, look better, and would deliver quieter rides. Replacing car carpet is an important step in maintaining a healthy vehicle.

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