Signs that Your Motorcycle Fuel Pump Needs Emergency Repair


Virtually, modern motorcycles come with an equipped fuel pump, which is the primary store for fuel. A motorcycle electric fuel pump is responsible for delivering the required amount of fuel to the engine for performance demands. With an increase in the number of motor vehicles sold, approximately 427,000 in 2017, several mechanical problems associated with the fuel tank have been detected.

Fuel pump for motorcycles plays a critical role, and any serious problem could have significant impacts on the performance of the motorcycle. If you notice any of the following signs with your fuel pump, you need to consider motorcycle fuel pump repair immediately.

Whining Noise

One of the major signs that your motorcycle fuel pump repair is needed is a fuel pump with a loud whining sound. Commonly, a worn-out or old fuel pump is expected to howl while running. Motorcycle fuel pumps are expected to hum during normal operations. However, an excessively loud whine is a sign of a major problem. Some of the causes of loud whine from the fuel tank include contaminated fuel, damaged pump, or insufficient fuel.

Engine Sputtering

A sputtering engine is a sure indicator that you need motorcycle fuel pump repair. If you are riding at high speed only for the engine to sputter suddenly, there are some critical issues with your fuel pump. Sputtering indicates that your fuel pump is struggling to provide a constant flow of fuel to the engine at the ideal pressure.

Difficulty Starting

Another indicator that your motorcycle fuel pump repair is a required is difficulty starting. Motorcycle fuel system runs whenever the ignition is turned on. With time, the entire system wears out thereby exerting very little or no pressure. The weakened fuel pump may still pump fuel to the engine but starting the engine becomes an issue of concern. In most cases, the only feasible solution for a weakened fuel pump system is a replacement.

Low Gas Mileage

If you have already realized that you are filling your motorcycle more than usual, it may because your fuel pump system has some problems. Fuel pumps have valves that close to prevent excess fuel from draining into the engine. If one of the valves is not opening, more fuel could be pouring into the engine, which explains the issue of low gas mileage. It is important to note that all the fuel that flows into the engine is burned.


In motorcycles, stalling is a common issue and can be caused by multiple problems. However, when it happens at higher temperatures, you need motorcycle fuel pump repair because that is the origin of the problem. Fuel pumps motor problems lead to stalling at high temperatures. If stalling continues after a repair, you need to find a reliable solution, such as replacement.

Loss of Power under Stress

Many people have a perception that the performance of the motorcycle is affected by stress. However, loss of power, especially under stress such as driving uphill is a clear indication that there is a problem with the fuel tank. The heightened fuel demand cannot be met by the weakened fuel tank, which leads to engine shutdown. If you experience these challenges consistently, you have no other option other than to replace your motorcycle external fuel pump.

Motorcycle Surging

Surging is another indicator that fuel pump repair is necessary. For vehicles, it is easier to feel surging, but it is hard in motorcycles. However, when you feel like your fuel handle has been used, especially at a consistent speed, there is no doubt that there could be problems with your fuel pump.

A motorcycle fuel pump is an important component of a motorcycle. You cannot start or move your bike without a fuel pump since it is a vital component in motorcycle combustion and engine systems. Therefore, any of these signs should be handled with maximum care and should be repaired immediately.

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