Spray On Bedliners Helping You Advertise Through Pickup Trucks


Wiretrim edge cutting tape application process

Whether you’re a small business owner wanting to advertise your services or products, a car dealer looking to advertise your wares, or simply someone interested in changing the appearance of your pickup truck, there are plenty of reasons why you might be interested in using spray on bedliners. Spray on bedliners are a different means of changing the look of a car, and they are particularly applicable to pickup trucks. With the help of wrap cut tape, you can ensure that your spray on bedliner is applied with clean edges and as little mess as possible. Truck bedliners can be a great way not only of advertising your business, but of changing the look of a truck, and we’ll explore the many different purposes of spray on bedliners alone. But the flashiness of these products are not the only reasons why people favor them. They also come with the added advantages of durability and several different application methods. There is more to these products than what might initially meet the eye. Let’s look into why these products are growing in popularity, and how they could potentially be of use to you. A good spray on bedliner could change the trajectory of your business entirely.

Why Pickup Trucks: Their Growing Popularity

Why, you may ask, spray on bedliners? If you’re a pickup truck dealer, you already know why these cars are so popular. There is more to these vehicles than what might initially meet the eye, and certainly, they are the best vehicles with which small businesses can advertise. Pickup trucks are both practical and eye-catching. In fact, for every eight pickup trucks sold in 2013, it’s believed that one of them was a full-sized pickup truck. 90% of those pickup trucks sold were built by Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. Of course, there was a jump in the sale of these pickup trucks by 8% in August 2015. Another advantage to these vehicles, especially on an advertising level, is the space that bedliners provide. Usually, an eight-foot bed length is standard; however, shorter 5.5-foot beds or 6.5-foot beds can also be found. Often, people looking to advertise through pickup trucks take advantage of the large size of the beds. This makes the advertising process much simpler, and in general makes the application process simpler.

Spray On Bedliners: Application And Makeup

There are several different types of spray on bedliners, made up of different materials and applied through different processes. Usually, they come in two different classes of material: aromatic and aliphatic compounds. In turn, these compounds can be applied either through low pressure, heatless processes, or high pressured, heated processes. Often, these spray on substances involve polyurethane. Polyurethane has a long history dating back to the beginning of World War II, when it was used as a replacement for rubber. It can be sprayed at 1/16th inch or four inches, depending on the application type. There’s more to applying this material than you might think. A thinner coating can chip and crack, while a thicker coating can destroy the makeup of the truck — it has to be just right. There are two purposes that can be served by polyurethane. It can prevent rust, scratching, and chemical contamination from deteriorating OEM paint. It also creates a strong, anti-slip, anti-skid surface.

Car Wraps And Spray On Material

As mentioned above, spray on materials and car wraps aren’t just about advertising. They can be used to change the appearance of your car and truck on a purely aesthetic level as well as a practical one. Often, spray on materials are preferable to traditional paint jobs in that they can be changed easily and quickly. Another great thing about these materials is that they are more durable than the typical paint used on cars.

Now that you know more about these spray on materials, perhaps you’ll consider using them on your own car. At the very least, they give you more options!

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