Spray-on Bed Liner or Drop-in Bed Liner Which is Best for You


Truck bed liner spray

You’ve chosen the perfect truck after searching for what seems like forever. Now comes the daunting task of protecting your purchase. A truck bedliner is the easiest way to ensure your truck stays in tip top shape no matter what is thrown its way.
Drop-in Truck Bedliners

Drop in truck bedliners are relatively easy to install. They are also realitvely easy to remove once they have been installed. They are made from flexible material which fits the bed of your truck and helps protect it. They are designed to last for a long period of time, and they clean easily.

Pros of Drop-in Liners

They are made of thick rigid material which takes the brunt of impact to protect truck bed. They have multiple mounting options. They can be mounted under your truck’s bed rail, or over it depending on the type of protection needed.

Cons of Drop-in Liners

Since these bed liners are not permanent they can become loose and shit. This can cause scratches to the bed underneath. Sand and dirt can get in between the bed of the truck and the drop-in liner. This can cause even more scratches if not cleaned properly. Since these bed liners are not permanent, they can be broken, if an excessive amount of force is applied to them.

Spray-on Truck Bedliners

Spray on bedliners are a material which is applied directly to the bed of your truck. These liners are meant to protect the bed of the truck if you haul lots of materials in it. They are available in different colors and are sometimes smoother than drop-in bed liners. They are usually comprised of polyurethane. This material can be sprayed in a variety of thickness, but you should consider carefully. Thinner coatings may not protect adequately, while thicker coatings can wreak havoc on the shape of your truck bed.

Pros of Spray-on Bedliners

These liners stick to your truck body panels. They are thinner than drop-in liners since they are applied directly to the truck bed. They are easy to clean and protect the bed of the truck.

Cons of Spray-on Bedliners

Spray bedliner applications make these bedliners permanent, so they can never be removed. These liners are thinner than drop-in liners so their protection is not as great. Sharp objects can dent the liner and heavy objects can dent the bed of the truck. Stains can be harder to remove since they are a permanent fixture to your vehicle. Professionals using a spray gun for bedliner should install it, it’s not something you should attempt to do yourself.

Pickup trucks are a popular vehicle sold, probably because of their versatility. The comfort of transporting family members as well as materials in the back is a big selling point. In fact around 1.6 million trucks were sold in one year alone, 2012, in the United States. The year 2015 saw a jump of pickup trucks by roughly 8%. Trucks are a popular vehicle for many job sites, meaning they are used frequently. Truck bedliners help protect your truck while allowing you to use it for what it was meant to be used for, hauling materials in the bed.

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